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Why Do We Build Custom Bikes?
 Project Gunnar Hyper-X
A bicycle is something different but the same to everyone. Quantifying the worth of a bicycle beyond a dollar amount is next to impossible. It's why we hurt a little bit on the inside when the powers that be put a value on our used bike that seems way too low. Our experiences are worth so much more than the actual worth of the bike itself, but those experiences don't get transferred when the bike is sold. It's just a vehicle, but along the way we begin to transpose personal emotion onto it and a bond is formed. Whether purposeful or not, a bike becomes the reflection of its rider. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a custom bike is worth a thousand more. Perhaps you've thought about getting a custom bike, or maybe you already know what you want and are putting some money aside for it. Here is why you should consider a custom bike if you haven't yet.

Fit. By far the most important aspect of the process. For riders that lie outside of the bell curve for limb/torso proportion, custom geometry affords a glove-like fit with a cockpit aesthetic that rivals the cleanest of builds. For bikes like our Gunnar Hyper-X, custom geometry is an option that can be ordered to improve rider fit over the stock geometry. Custom geometry is not always needed. This can be determined by the fitter during the fitting process.

Color. Easily the most customizable part of the custom process as far as options go. Blank canvas - how will you cover it? Multicolor fades are popular, which is how we had our Gunnar Hyper-X done. We liked the idea of incorporating the groovy color known as Blurple while highlighting a popular custom configuration. Where the blue and purple meet, you get one of the coolest colors ever mixed. Traditional solid colors with contrasting logos is a timeless way to go about paint, and from that a two-tone, panels, or masking can be added. If the design you have in your head isn't advertised as a custom option, chances are it can become reality if you ask nicely.

Component selection. If you've ever envisioned the changes you would make to a stock bike the moment you took it home, then this part of the process is sure to excite you. How would you like to kit your bike out? Mechanical or electric shifting... Carbon or aluminum cockpit... Shallow or deep wheels... Hydraulic brakes? The reward of selecting your own components is never being bothered by an aspect of the bike that you don't care for, or plan to upgrade in the back of your mind. By choosing the components before they make it onto your bike, you spend your ride fully enjoying your ride.

As a cyclocross/gravel platform, we adorned our Gunnar Hyper-X with SRAM's Force CX1 Hydro disc brake groupset. After that decision was made, it was a no-brainer to select ZIPP's 30 Course disc brake wheelset that comes ready to run tubeless. We mounted them with 40mm Panaracer Gravel King SK tires. Continuing with the SRAM/ZIPP theme of the build, we finished it off with a ZIPP cockpit and SRAM Service Course CX handlebar tape. Worth noting - the fork that was painted to match the frame is an ENVE Disc CX fork designed for 12mm thru axle, and it was shipped with the frame.

Maybe you would have built yours a different way, and that's great. We'd love to build your bike the way you want. We also make it incredibly easy to select a build kit that meets your needs and your budget if you're not particularly selective about components. If you want a custom bike for the fit and the paint job, or just the fit, we can step-in for the rest to bring your dream ride to life.

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