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Why Do We Support Industry Associations?
Industry associations share a common goal with its members, to advance the common interests that brings them together. For instance, in one of our associations, STLE, the common interest is to advance the science of tribology and the practice of lubrication engineering. We are active in associations and appreciate engaging with other technical experts who research, develop and market the methods and products that make the industry more successful and enhances the well-being of people world-wide.

Industry associations provide many benefits to organizations which we have realized through the years. Some of those benefits include supporting the organization's mission, providing industry news and information, and professional development opportunities with professional education and certification programs. We actively participate with industry associations to enjoy these benefits and others. 

Sea-Land Chemical Co. would like to recognize several of our employees and their committment to industry association involvement. Matt Mapus was recently voted as Secretary to the Cleveland division of STLE. He also is a member of the ACI's convention committee for their annual meeting and conference.  Craig Lundell is a member of the Affiliate Relations Committee for NACD. He was also a past President of the CDCA (Chicago Drug and Chemical Association). Jack McKenna has been involved with the Chicago section of STLE since 1997 and served as a Chairman in 2005-2006. He also spent 2009-2015 on the Board of Directors for National STLE. Christy Henley is a long time board member of Philiadephia STLE. Buck Evans, Scot Wahl, and Sakura Olah have all been past Chairs of the Cleveland section of STLE. 

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together"
- James Cash Penney

Advantages Over Conventional Base Stocks
Product Spotlight: 
Polyalphaolefins: High Performance Base Stocks

For this month's product spotlight, we are featuring polyalphaolefins PAOs, which are used as a specialty base stock in many synthetic lubricant applications. The Synfluid® PAOs and Synfluid® mPAOs, developed and manufactured by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, are specifically designed to meet both conventional and extreme performance requirements in a wide variety of applications.
This technology provides a number of advantages over conventional base stocks such as a high viscosity index (VI), low volatility properties, excellent thermal stability  and outstanding oxidative and hydrolytic stability to name a few. 
In addition, Chevron Phillips also offers metallocene-based high viscosity PAOs that include mPAO 65, mPAO 100 and mPAO 150. These mPAOs impart better pour point, higher VI,and excellent low temperature, high temperature and shear stability properties that formulators are accustomed to with conventional high velocity PAOs. All Synfluid products are NSF H1 and HX-1 registered for incidental food contact and Kosher certified.

To learn more about these products or other technologies in our portfolio, contact us today. We have experts on staff who can help you find the optimal solution for your formulation needs. 

Ketjenlube™ Polymeric Esters:
Your Next High Performance Additive
Ketjenlube™ Polymeric Esters

The unique Ketjenlube™ polymeric esters are high performance additives used in a variety of lubricant applications both synthetic and mineral based. The structure of these esters consist of a carbon backbone carrying both polar ester and nonpolar hydrocarbon side chains. The length of the carbon backbone can be varied, as well as the relative proportions of ester groups and hydrocarbon groups, resulting in a wide range of properties applicable to diverse applications, and compatibility with Group I, II, and III mineral oils and PAO's. When used with PAO or Group III base stocks, it is often possible to eliminate the use of seal swell additives, due to Ketjenlubes'™ compatibility with common seal materials.
Ketjenlubes™ are available in viscosities from 15 to 3000cSt at 100 degrees C. However, the average molecular weights do not exceed 10,000 Daltons, and are linear in structure there by ensuring excellent shear stability. The combination of low volatility, high viscosity index (VI) and excellent oxidative and hydrolytic stability makes them a great choices for high temperature industrial applications. Many are also clean burning, without smoking, useful for low smoke two-stroke engine oils.
The Ketjenlube™ 115, 135, 165 and 1300 have the highest ester content and polarity, giving them superior load carrying capacity. These esters are widely used in metalworking applications both forming and cutting. Their excellent inherent lubricity along with strong synergy with conventional extreme pressure/anti-wear additives, including sulfur and phosphorus bearing additives, make them an excellent choice for use in packages designed to replace chlorinated additives in heavy duty metalworking fluids.
The diversity offered in the Ketjenlube™ product range makes them uniquely suited for use across many applications including transportation, industrial maintenance fluids, greases, metalworking fluids, Industrial as well as automotive gear and NSF certified HX-1 food grade lubricants. Common to all Ketjenlubes™ are:
  • hydrolytic
  • oxidative and shear stability
  • high viscosity index (VI)
  • low volatility and 
  • superior lubricating capabilities, thus providing limitless possibilities in high performance lubricants.
Italmatch Chemicals also supplies emulsifiers and phosphorus based lubricating additives for metalworking fluids. The Dapral™ PA series are 100% active PIBSA emulsifiers, of various molecular weights, produced via a chlorine-free process. These co-emulsifiers provide enhanced hard water tolerance and bio-stability in emulsifiable oils and semi-synthetic fluids. The Dapraphos™ ethoxylated phosphate esters are multifunctional additives contributing to extreme pressure/anti-wear, passivation, emulsification and corrosion preventative properties aimed at white metals.
To learn more about these additives or other additive technologies in our portfolio, contact us today. We have experts on staff who can help you find the optimal solution for your formulation needs. 

Featured Employee 
Jan Kinas, Customer Service Specialist
Jan has been employed by Sea-Land Chemical Co. for 17 years! She combines her excellent communication skills, positive attitude, and team player approach when  interacting  with her customers. "The most rewarding part of my job is knowing our customers are happy and they are  spreading  our good reputation."
Jan enjoys traveling and spending time with her  grandchildren  in her spare time!

Picture: Jan Kinas on right. Mike Kinas (spouse) on left.
Customer Service Appreciation Week
Sea-Land Chemical Co. celebrated Customer Service Appreciation  Week October 3-7. 
Customer Service Appreciation Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.
News: Recycling Update
Sea-Land Chemical Co. has recycled  945 pounds of recyclable materials since the start of the program, which is equivalent to:
          • 8 Trees
          • 180 Gallons of Oil
          • 1890 Kilowatts of Energy
          • 3307 Gallons of Water
On average, Sea-Land goes through a 96 gallon recycling bin each week. Which is a weekly estimate of 40 pounds of recyclable material! 

Meet Us: SEMA and AAPEX Show 2016
SEMA and AAPEX Show 2016
Sea-Land Chemical Co. will be  attending the SEMA and AAPEX Show in Las Vegas, NV  November 1-4, 2016. 
Attending this conference and want to meet with us? Email to schedule an appointment. 
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