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Why Do You Have Morning Breath?  

If you wake up with slightly less than fresh breath each morning, you're not alone! Morning breath, or halitosis if we want to be formal, is experienced by everyone to some degree. 

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Grin! for Kids Magazine

There's nothing quite like a good friend to make you smile! That's another reason to keep your smile healthy. The new issue of Grin! for Kids magazine shows how important good friends and a healthy smile are for our health! Read the current issue and browse the entire archive. 

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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Toothbrush

When shopping for toothbrushes, do you put much thought into what’s best for your mouth? Here’s why you should: Your toothbrush can be a major factor in helping you brush more effectively and making your oral hygiene routine more pleasant.  

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Don't Let Sugar and Acid Spoil Your Summer

Warmer weather means summer treats like frosty ice cream and refreshing lemonade are available everywhere. Here’s how you can help keep your smile healthy during a season full of cool treats — some of which are full of cavity-causing sugar and/or acid.

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Mouth Healthy Recipe: Grilled Chicken and Berry Salad

If summer had a taste, it would be found in this antioxidant-rich salad! Bursting with in-season produce like fresh basil, plump blackberries and peppery arugula, this dish celebrates the goodness of the season and will satisfy your taste buds. 

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'Smile' by Raina Telgemeier Helps a 5th Grader Through a Dental Emergency  

Our teeth and mouths are strong, but they can get injured just like the rest of our bodies. Riding a bike or playing sports are great ways to stay active. But it’s important to think about how to protect your mouth while doing them. Chloe Guzman, a fifth grader from Colorado Springs, Colorado knows this all too well. See how the story 'Smile' helped her feel better about her dental emergency. 

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