May 2017 Newsletter
What Your Organization Needs to Know About Data Loss Prevention
By: Barry Utesch
Most small businesses that lose their data for more than a few days are out of business within six months.

I would suggest to you that protecting your data is the most important IT function that you need to deal with daily. Almost all small businesses put data backup in play, but then they make the mistake of assuming it's working and that means no one is checking on it.

We support hundreds of clients and every day we confirm that backups are working for all those clients. On average, daily, we see three to seven percent of backups show errors, for example, if one of our clients has an exponential growth of data, this can lead to an error alert in our monitoring system and we need to look to make sure they are working properly and take corrective action if they are not.

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Case Study: Leveraging O365 to Standardized Email Platform
Getting Technical: How one HVAC company with a dozen branches transitioned from its complex email platform to an appropriate hosted solution with minimal disruption of service.

Client Challenges
Hoffman and Hoffman had four major operational issues related to how they used email throughout the company. First, their organization had a corporate office and twelve branches that lacked any standardization between their email platforms. Second, to maintain these different platforms, Hoffman and Hoffman was either going to consolidate to one platform or incur ever growing expenses to maintain the different platforms. The third major concern was the security of critical email data. There was a question with all the different platforms as to where and who had access to the saved email. The final issue was the desire to improve the utilization of all the features within Microsoft Outlook, i.e. calendar and contact sharing. Hoffman and Hoffman was also concerned with how a project of this size spread over so many locations could be accomplished without impacting user’s ability to access email.

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The Top Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing Cloud Migration
By: Jessica Clifford
For those of us that remember, when the Internet worked in a less sophisticated fashion than it does today. First, we used a computer to computer connection that split sent information in half till it came back together perfectly clear on the user’s computer. As this became outdated, everyone switched to servers – a clunky mass of plastic and metal that took up room in office’s everywhere. Then, suddenly five years ago the Cloud appeared.

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Why Edward Snowden Caused You to Think About Your Firewall Security
By: Barry Utesch
Edward Snowden has become a household name for most Americans or at least for those in and around technology. He's the person who leaked the secret that the NSA was viewing your emails, listening to your phone calls and other privacy-invading actions. Whether you believe what he did was a good thing for the American people or bad is not the purpose of this blog post.

My purpose in this blog post is to say that what he did caused a fundamental shift in how we view security and how we protect our small businesses.

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