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Why Engaging Virtual Conversations
Accelerate Learning

Why Conversations Matter

In a technologically enabled world, social learning and collaboration have become more easier than ever before.

And, both of these can't happen without conversations. There's no social learning without the exchange of ideas, and one of the key factors of successful collaboration in today's world is "conversation turn taking." Social learning and collaboration are essential in successfully navigating today's work environment characterized by rapid change and demand for quick information and problem-solving.

Virtual Training Conversation Ideas

Here are some ideas on how to start or foster conversations in your own virtual training sessions.

  • Ask provocative questions that spark discussions and sharing of stories.
  • "Move" learners or stir up their emotions with interactive stories.
  • Acknowledge or call learners by name as you read their answers, comments, or feedback.
  • Encourage "silent" participants to join in the discussion.
  • Use "curious language."
  • Share your experiences and facilitate experience sharing.

Discover how to promote engaging conversations in your presentations.

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