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Why Forgiveness?
Dr. Tim Geoffrion's Sermon at Zion Baptist Church
Interpretation in Hakha Chin language
March 18th, 2018
Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries assistant Peter Hrang Lian Thang interpreting 

When I sat down on the platform of the Zion Baptist Church (Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar) , I was immediately struck by how full the sanctuary was (800-1000 people). The energy was almost palpable. Even more striking was a powerful sense of the Holy Spirit's presence. I immediately began praying in the Spirit from my chair behind the pulpit. I don't always feel this on Sunday morning's or when I'm going to preach, but on this day I felt I was being swept along in prayer. 

My sermon was entitled, "Why Forgiveness?" In it, I told the amazing story of Sarah's act of forgiveness. Her husband and children had been brutally murdered during the Rwandan genocide in 1994, but she had to live next door to the killer's wife, who resented her for causing her husband to go to jail for the murders. The story of their reconciliation is unbelievable, and deeply moving. 

During the sermon, I also explained what I have learned from personal experience about what forgiveness means and what it doesn't mean, and how God can help us forgive when it's hard to do so. At the conclusion, I gave an invitation to the congre gation to raise their hands if the Holy Spirit was telling them to forgive someone (or to apologize and ask for forgiveness from someone). I offered to pray for whoever responded. Of course I couldn't count how many people raised their hands, but it seemed as if nearly everyone did. 

You can watch the sermon by clicking on the photo above. At the bottom of this page, you can find links to the video of the sermon with interpretation in Chin and to the text in English. Sarah's story is also told in my essay,  "Forgiveness beyond belief" on my blog site ( If you're interested in reading it, click on the photo below. 

File photo from Tim's ministry in Africa

I left Hakha praising God for his working through the sermon and for the amazing Spirit-led morning we all experienced. My prayer now is that all those who raised their hands will follow through on their intention to forgive. I pray that each one will experience new freedom to let go of past hurt and to focus on God's good purposes for their lives going forward.

Serving Christ with you,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister
 Video Link to Tim's Sermon, "Why Forgiveness?" 

Text version of "Why Forgiveness?"

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