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Nantahala Health Foundation in the Community
Nantahala Health Foundation Executive Director Lori Bailey (center) looks on as Grace Extended Ministries Founder Mike Teem (left) points to an area of donated land off Hwy 129/Tallulah Road in Graham County that one day he envisions will become home to a transitional living facility for individuals working toward addiction recovery. Joining the conversation in late October was Sarah Grymes, Dogwood Health Trust Vice President for Impact -- Housing.

The three organizations' leaders agreed during this site visit to continue investigating how they might work together to ensure the planned growth of Teem's Celebrate Recovery program accomplishes its mission "to eliminate psychosocial and spiritual oppression attributed to chronic poverty and chemical addiction by influencing and supporting the health and well-being of individuals who are marginalized and suffering from trauma, abuse, neglect, and socioeconomic deprivation."
#GivingTuesday: A Day, Way to Connect With Supporters, Friends, and Donors
#GivingTuesday is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year on November 30. Small and growing nonprofits in WNC looking to connect with supporters, friends, volunteers, and donors can engage all by utilizing #GivingTuesday's tools.

Nantahala Health Foundation will join thousands of other organizations across the globe working to strengthen connections with our partners and supporters on #GivingTuesday. We've found that our mission to serve as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation resonates deeply with those in our region who understand the power to create meaningful change begins right here at home. Our $3 million investment (by year's end) in health and well-being, combined with our work to bring in additional philanthropic dollars to WNC in support of our region's most worthwhile causes, depends on community support.

Need another reason to embrace #GivingTuesday this year? Look no further than Asha Curran's inspiring opening remarks at this year's Givers + Friends Fest. Then, use the link below to begin planning your 2021 #GivingTuesday journey.
We've Updated Our Partner Profiles
From the American Red Cross to the WNC Bridge Foundation, we are privileged to have joined forces with more than 80 organizations working toward improved health and wellness outcomes across our region. Beginning with our first grant cycle in 2019 to our soon-to-be-announced CHIP, Healthy Homes, and Advantage Andrews grant recipients, we anticipate our total investment in health will surpass $3 million by year's end.

To better illustrate our partnerships, we've created eight new profile pages on our website to highlight the tremendous work being done locally to remove barriers to health by reducing disparities and enhancing equity. Where available, we've included program images and impact stories, which will grow as more evidence-based data and tangible results are collected, as seen in this Bartram Trail example:
Nantahala Health Foundation grant recipients can review their profiles using the link below. Please let us know your thoughts on these profiles, and if we missed something vital in the telling of these important stories.
Our Healthy Homes Collaborative Got Us Thinking...
Fall speaks in many languages. While Pumpkin Spice may be the most vocal, fall's voice includes vibrant foliage, the call to both harvest and plant, and to gather together (safely) and give back to our community.

Homeowners, too, should listen this time of year to what your domicile is telling you. In fact, fall is the perfect time to show your home some TLC. Our Healthy Homes Initiative applicants tell us that attending to a host of regular maintenance issues at least once a year can help prevent small problems from becoming much larger health and safety concerns.

For those who have expressed minor concerns about their home's health and safety heading into the winter months, Habitat for Humanity offers a free home maintenance guide with more than 150 DIY tips for those who sign up for their monthly newsletter.

If the home repair problem has gone beyond a DIY approach, however, please watch our website and social media later this year for an announcement of our Healthy Home Initiative grant recipients and how to direct your clients to request this service.
Financial Literacy and Its Impact on Health and Well-being
A recent study conducted by the Investor Education Foundation found that in North Carolina:
  • 18% of individuals reported that over the past year, their household spent more than their income.
  • 45% of individuals lack a rainy day fund.
  • 38% of individuals with credit card debt paid only the minimum due during some months.
  • 32% of individuals can answer correct 4 of 5 basic financial literacy questions on a quiz.

Add to these findings the fact that financial literacy can also directly impact health, and it is easy to see why it is so important for everyone to know more than 2 + 2 = 4.

Nonprofits can play a role in improving the financial literacy of those they serve. For example, Kyle Swisher, executive director of the Credit Union Foundation in Maryland and DC, said in a 2017 article that he transitioned from healthcare to the nonprofit sector after he realized that "improving the financial status of those who were the sickest and consumed the most healthcare resources" is rarely within a healthcare provider's area of expertise.

"People miss doctor appointments when they lack reliable transportation. Children are exposed to environmental hazards like lead-based paint because families can’t afford to move to better neighborhoods. Diets are poor, prescriptions go unfilled. Financial status impacts health," Swisher said.

If your nonprofit is working to improve financial literacy, thus removing a barrier to health and well-being, we want to hear more about it and begin a conversation about ways we may be able to partner with you in this work.
Partners Making Progress:
Hinton Rural Life Center
Nantahala Health Foundation has had the privilege of working with Hinton Rural Life Center in Hayesville on three separate projects since our formation in 2019. This training video above on mold remediation was produced to support safe and healthy housing as an outcome of their 2020 NIMble grant award.

The video (click on the image to watch) is being used to train mission volunteers in Hinton's safe and healthy housing building ministry program. This past summer they expected approximately 350 mission volunteers to participate in their building ministry program and to learn from the training video.

About NIMble 2020: More than 30 WNC nonprofits and public service agencies were awarded Needs Immediately Met, or NIMble, grants in support of programs designed to achieve better health outcomes. Nantahala Health Foundation's investment in health and well-being during this grant cycle was nearly $273,000.
Our Funding Priorities
Our grant-making priorities are designed to create a strong network of organizations by investing in your strategies to remove barriers to health.
Meet Our Partners
At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health of the region. 
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