July 2022
Stone and Associates Executive Search

Don’t let the news scare you into staying in a job you’re not happy with. Our clients are still hiring at a fast pace, they are short handed and not over-staffed. If there is a recession, last in first out, won’t apply. Whether you’re in a credit role or a client facing role, our clients are hiring experienced professionals who are a good cultural fit.  

The economy is cyclical, our clients have weathered The Great Recession without layoffs as well as COVID.

Honestly, if you find the right opportunity for your career, don’t hesitate to make the move.

Enjoy your summer,

Why Have A Coach?
What if you could identify your inner motivation to achieve more of your goals more often? How would your life be different if you developed a keener sense of purpose?

A professional coaching relationship creates value through a powerful, highly tuned process of communications and problem-solving that is “co-creative” between coach and client. It focuses totally on the client’s interests, challenges, and goals. Coaches help you improve performance and enhance the quality of your life. Great coaching helps you self-coach more effectively, not simply by helping you solve problems; it transforms the way you solve them. Coaching will not simply improve your life; it will transform the way you live.

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Sr Private Banker - San Diego
Commercial Underwriter/Portfolio Manager - Los Angeles
Team Lead Specialty Lending - Newport Beach
Structured Lending Specialist - West Palm Beach
Private Banking Structured Lending Specialist - Los Angeles
(07/19/22 11:00 AM EST

(07/28/22 03:00 EST

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“Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach.” ~ Tony Robbins