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March 2017 Issue: 
Is Hosting the Olympics Too Costly?, 
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Is Hosting the Olympics Too Costly?
Only two host cities - Paris and Los Angeles - remain in the running to host 2024's Olympic Games.  The winner will be announced in September but controversy remains over what is truly gained by hosting the mega-event.

In recent decades, most of the  cities that host the Olympics spent billions constructing venues for what is typically only temporary use, and then did not see a return on the investment even after accounting for tourism and other revenue the Olympics help to bring in.   The latest Olympic games in 2016 cost Brazil $15 billion (see more below).  
Los Angeles is a significant exception to this norm.  After the 1984 games it became one of the only host cities to earn back what it put in within a year.  
This is part of why some advocate for LA hosting the Olympics permanently, as much of the infrastructure and arenas are already built.  

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