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Why I Won't Take That "Vaccine."
Why I Won’t Take That “Vaccine.”
And, just maybe, why you shouldn’t either.
Plus, things you might want to know before choosing it or after taking it.
By Alice Buehring,
Integrative Spiritual Life Coach,
Master Herbalist
Certified Healing Codes Practitioner
Energy Healer,
Retired Certified Counselor
April 4, 2021
I really did not want to have to write this article. I really didn’t. But after: 
1.    Receiving the last two “get your shot” notices,
2.    Reading the outright lies and misinformation included in them,
3.    Knowing this is what is being shoved down everyone’s throat in the media and literally into arms, and
4.    Being aware of what’s hidden from the general public,
Out of conscience, I could not, not write this.
I know I’m taking the chance, given today’s short attention spans plus rampant cancel culture, that you might just skip this article. However, it is time to speak up for truth and share FACTS and let those facts speak for themselves. I suggest this information is worth your time and could be worth the life of a friend, loved one, or even yourself. That is NOT an exaggeration.
In my studied view, we are in deep trouble here.
I can only provide you with what I have discovered, add my questions, suggestions, and warnings. I ask that you read through all of this with an open heart, holding judgment until the end. Then, feel free to judge all you want. Please know that I always support your right to choose and decide what’s best for you and yours. I can only hope those choices are fully informed.
So given that, here’s why I will NOT take those COVID 19 shots, and just maybe you shouldn’t either.
Okay, here we go. Remember to breathe.
Continuous messages say that these COVID 19 “vaccines” are “safe and effective.” Are they? Have there been any related deaths or serious injuries?”
My definition of a safe vaccine is that you can take the shot and generally not expect to die or have a seriously adverse medical event. Any adverse events would be rare, something like one in a million. My definition of effective is that the vaccine keeps you immune from catching the disease, and you cannot spread it to others. These are the assumptive definitions that the pharmaceutical industry has led us to believe through the media and the medical system throughout decades of vaccine use.
Unfortunately, despite the pervasive brainwashing mantra from the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, and the media about vaccines being both “safe and effective,” documented scientific studies show otherwise.
o  Here are a few of those studies listed in one place
1200 Studies – The Truth Will Prevail
You don’t have to believe me about the vaccine lack of safety issue; instead, consider that US Congress passed a law to relieve the pharmaceutical industry of all liability for damages for injury or death from “unavoidable side effects.” These effects are so prevalent; pharmaceutical companies would be sued into bankruptcy if they had to keep defending lawsuit damages.
o  US Congress in H.R.5546—99th Congress passed the
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986
CDC, and NIAID Director, Dr. Fauci, say you can still get COVID 19 and its variants and spread those viruses after complete vaccination; that’s the definition of NOT EFFECTIVE. If you catch COVID after complete vaccination, your symptoms may or may not be less than having the original virus without the shots. However, now the bugs can “immune escape.” They can adapt and create a new, more potent, maybe more lethal variant to come back to bite you or others later. This process is already happening.
People are dying and have been seriously injured after taking these vaccines. Between December 14, 2020, and March 26, 2021, people received 136.7 million COVID vaccine doses.  The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System now shows at least 2,249 deaths, 7,726 serious injuries, included in 50,861 cases of adverse reactions reported related to those COVID 19 shotsEver see that in the traditional news media?
o  The National Vaccine Information Center Updates this every Friday.
o  The Defender, Children’s Health Defense, injury and death cases as of 3/26/21
o  Direct quote:
“In the US, 136.7 million COVID vaccine doses had been administered as of March 26.
From the 3/26/2021 release of VAERS data:
Found 50,861 cases where Vaccine is COVID19

Event Outcome Count Percent
Death 2,249 4.42%
Permanent Disability 911 1.79%
Office Visit 7,812 15.36%
Emergency Room 29 0.06%
Emergency Doctor/Room 8,258 16.24%
Hospitalized 4,815 9.47%
Hospitalized, Prolonged 9 0.02%
Recovered 19,080 37.51%
Birth Defect 56 0.11%
Life Threatening 1,448 2.85%
Not Serious 18,686 36.74%
TOTAL† 63,353† 124.56%

(Because some cases have multiple vaccinations and symptoms, a single case can account for multiple entries in this table. This is the reason why the Total Count is greater than 50861 (the number of cases found), and the Total Percentage is greater than 100.)

This week’s VAERS data show:
·       19% of deaths were related to cardiac disorders.
·       45% of those who died were male, 43% were female and the remaining death reports did not include gender of the deceased.
·       The average age of those who died was 77.7 and the youngest death was an 18-year-old.
·       As of March 26, 341 pregnant women had reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 104 reports of miscarriage or premature birth.
·       Of the 578 cases of Bell’s Palsy reported, 63% of cases were reported after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations — almost twice as many as reported (36%) following vaccination with the Moderna vaccine. Seven cases of Bell’s Palsy were reported with Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine (1%).
·       There were 2,578 reports of anaphylaxis, with 53% of cases attributed to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, 44% to Moderna and 3% to J&J vaccine, which was rolled out in the US on March 2.
·       Using a broadened search for any reference to anaphylaxis in chart notes resulted in 15,193 reports, with 52% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, 45% to Moderna and 3% to J&J. With each vaccine, nearly 42% of anaphylactic reports occurred in people aged 17-44.” End quote
All that carnage happened in just a bit over three months, folks.
We continue to be told this “vaccine” is “safe and effective.” Tell that to those who have died or have been seriously injured. I disagree that 2,249 deaths, 7,726 serious injuries, and 50,861 cases reported in three months equals the definition of “rare.” Consider that during a similar period, 12/14/20 to 3/11/21, there were 85 flu vaccine deaths reported in the US. I also find that number appalling. However, you can see it is significantly less. And you do NOT hear either of these numbers in the media. Do you know of any other product with this track record that would still be allowed to stay on the market? It is just the first three months of the vaccine program. What will the numbers be in a year or two? Ask yourself why this is allowed. Ask yourself why this is NOT publicized. Ask yourself if you consider this number of adverse events “rare.”
What are these shots, and how are they different from standard vaccines?
These shots are not made via the regular vaccine formula, process, or theory. This is a new technology, never before successfully used on humans. If you have taken these shots and want to know how they will interact with your body, Dr. Tenpenny explains this well. Also, if vaccinated and you still experience fatigue and a fuzzy brain, here is why.
o  COVID Vaccines Explained, Dr. Tenpenny
What are the results from clinical trials?
COVID “vaccines” are not yet licensed vaccines. They are “experimental biological agents,” aka a “gene therapy,” or an “experimental mRNA agent.” In the case of AstraZeneca, it is a “double-strand DNA biological agent.” Neither concoction follows the usual rules for making a vaccine. Testing and trials are in the beginning stages. These trials are ongoing. These trials are NOT scheduled to be completed until 2022-2023, and long-term results are UNKNOWN at this time.
Although drug companies have been trying for decades, there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine.  They tried to develop something for MERS and SARS unsuccessfully. Even so, drug companies now utilize new technology, skipping COMPLETE and appropriate animal trials, regardless of these past results.
Regarding the last vaccine they tried to develop for a SARS coronavirus—SARS-COVID ONE—the initial animal trials looked fabulous; lots of antibodies were produced. But when the animals were exposed to the wild virus, they ALL died.
·      ALL the ferrets died.
With SARS COVID 2, the drug companies have done some animal trials, and once again, they have lovely antibody outcomes; hence the effectiveness percentages told us. However, they have NOT done the rest of the trials subjecting those animals to the wild virus. Ask yourself, why ever not, given the prior trial outcomes for the very similar SARS? Plus, this time, they used mice,  which, it seems, have a tougher time catching this bug. So why didn’t they use ferrets like last time? It seems ferrets are the usual choice for testing respiratory bugs because their respiratory systems are the most like humans. Ask yourself why the drug companies made that deliberate decision.
So, they have only used partial short-term animal trials. As of 3/1/20, I noticed one company says they are beginning human trials exposing vaccinated people to the wild virus—now, after giving millions of shots and without trying that on animals first. Scary. So, if they are beginning this NOW, and those trials will not be completed until sometime in 2022 or 2023, just precisely, HOW do they know it is “safe and effective” for you, here and now? The truth is they don’t know. Trial results are not complete. THEY DON’T KNOW. What gives them the right not only to say but also to insist that this is safe and effective?
o  Robert F Kennedy Jr. Interview on COVID vaccines and more
The COVID “vaccines” utilize RNA bits as a new way to do vaccines, an as-yet unproven method. RNA can change DNA. Let me say that again, RNA can CHANGE DNA. While scientists did not think these mRNA bits would permanently change DNA at first, many of them are now saying they are concerned that they actually do permanently change DNA. Then there is the controversy about the “nano” lipid particles and whether they are programable. While the jury’s still out on these itty-bitty items, they are definitely IN the shot. If your DNA changes detrimentally, just how will you fix that? What impact will that have long term? What other impact will that have on future generations? Will there be future generations, given some of the side effects could be miscarriage and sterility? Incompleted trials mean all of that is UNKNOWN.
o  Moderna Vaccine White Paper – “DNA Vaccines Have a Risk of Permanently Changing a Person’s DNA”
“… DNA vaccines have a risk of permanently changing a person’s DNA.” ~ Moderna Biotech White Paper (I’ve included this quote because the original paper has been taken off the internet since I first found it. So I could only share this article that discusses the white paper and a quote—in case this link is taken down also.)
o  Also, refer again to Dr. Tenpenny’s video noted above
That’s one of my main points here. Long-term effects ARE UNKNOWN. Nobody knows what these things will do in the long term. The studies have not been completed. Instead, now we are being subjected to the most extensive human drug trial in history. Would you knowingly and voluntarily sign up to be part of a new tech drug trial? I guess we will all know in a decade or sooner just what long-term effects these “vaccines” provide. We are just in the beginning, and in my studied view, it’s not looking so good so far.
Pharmaceutical companies have a long track record of continuing to implement vaccine policy without studying possible results. For example, there are NO studies on the effects of COMBINING multiple vaccine doses at once. Yet the powers that be combine types and doses, insisting we trust that they are “safe and effective.”—And with no studies, you tell me how they know that? What study concluded that? No studies support this. Those studies do NOT exist.
So, in my studied view, these COVID 19 “vaccines” are neither safe nor effective and may indeed harm a great many people, certainly more than could reasonably be considered “rare.”
Can you trust Big Pharma, the CDC, the NIAID, and the NIH authorities to have your best health interests at heart? Do they have any other agenda?
I do not see reasonably expected and truthful information freely disseminated to the public. Instead, I see lots of downright inaccurate information lambasting us on every front. And I see that those trying to get the truth “out there” find themselves the target of censorship, erasing, de-platforming, even severe things like firing, career ruining, and even “disappearing” of dissenters happening. Debate is not allowed. Those who question, want to talk about it, or dissent are criticized and called names. Please tell me what happened to adult behavior, respectful debate, and the right to speak freely? If people disagree. Fine. Great even. Disagreement is valuable and helpful to bring all sorts of new ideas and better solutions into being. But what’s happening here is censorship of dissent on a horrific scale. And the truth about vaccines in general and these new “vaccines” in particular is deliberately hidden from you. You might want to ask yourself, “Just why is that?” Given the long-term consequences yet to be discussed or even determined, I suggest there are significant reasons for concern. Before we get to those long-term consequences, you might want to look into the intentions and agenda behind the boatloads of just plain wrong information you are being fed. I’d want to know. That’s why I did all this time-consuming research. Just what do the drug companies have to hide here?
o  74 holistic and alternative medicine practitioners who died unexpectedly

Google Censors, Shadowbans, and Blacklists Alternative Health News
 In my studied view, we are being “groomed” by Big Pharma. They do NOT want you to have sovereignty over your own body or health freedom of choice. Instead, they want you to keep buying their drugs and taking their profitable vaccines. So, they groom the public.
o  They have a majority influence over the media through ownership or majority ads.

§  NBC/ABC/MSNBC – Owned & Operated by US Drug Corporations
o  Pharmaceutical companies influence the medical system by providing medical school funding
§  Global News, Big pharma pours millions into medical schools
o  Big Pharma influences budding physicians through funding of medical schools and specifically directed curriculums about vaccines and drugs. Students are mostly taught, “Here’s the vaccine schedule. Make sure your patients comply.” Because of this, physicians are often unwilling to implement a revised vaccine schedule for those who present a history of having vaccine intolerances. Those physicians that try may find their licenses in jeopardy, even when they follow all the requirements.
§  Oregon Pediatrician Publishes Study Comparing Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Kids
o  Pharmaceutical lobbyists are the largest group of lobbyists in the US capital, bigger than oil and gas.
§  Leading lobbying industries in the US in 2020
o  Pharmaceutical companies fund BOTH republican and democratic politicians’ election funds.
o  Big Pharma provides significant funding for the CDC, NIAID, and WHO.  Revolving door leadership between these agencies and Big Pharma executives sets up vast conflicts of interest.
§  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (who have significant vaccine industry interests) is the second-largest funding source for the WHO organization
§  CDC and WHO Entanglements with the Vaccine Industry
o  The resulting impact of this influence is massive and punitive if not followed.
o  Ads can be pulled from the media.
o  Show hosts can be fired.
o  Funding can be withdrawn from medical schools if the curriculum is not followed or an unwanted curriculum is also offered.
o  Private physicians and clinics often receive compensation for patient care based upon the percent of patients in a particular insurance plan that is “fully vaccinated” or not.
o  Politicians trying any investigations can have election funding pulled.
o  Big Pharma’s current intention seems to be focused only on getting a profitable “vaccine” on the market.
o  If you notice now, annual shots are discussed as a possibility--equals ongoing guaranteed profits.
o  Another benefit for drug companies includes that those injured by the vaccine become drug customers for life to manage those “vaccine” induced injuries—more profits for them.
o  Does this sound like someone you can trust with your health and wellness?
o  Those that own our health own our life.
o  There is more to this story. There is an agenda, and it threatens our health, freedom, and body sovereignty.
o  Follow the money.
§  Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma
§  The Truth About Vaccines docu-series
How many drug ads do you see on news media programs? How many
covid “vaccines are safe and effective” stories do you see in actual news stories? If these stories were really “news” and not just Big Pharma propaganda, there likely would be stories included about all those not so “rare” side effects. There would be stories on when, how, and who died. How many are experiencing bell’s palsy, anaphylaxis, or cardiac disorder resulting in death, blood clots resulting in death, miscarriage or premature birth, auto-immune dysfunctions, neurological disorders, ER visits, and more? There are plenty of injury and death stories to tell here. The media usually thrives on that. Factual, objective, independent journalism would ensure these reports be more balanced.
Generally, vaccine ingredients include known poisons as adjuvants. Vaccines include adjuvants to shock your immune system into making those antibodies. They use aluminum, thimerasol (aka mercury), formaldehyde, often in doses considered highly toxic. These are poisonous to humans, most especially tiny humans. Read the package inserts. It’s appalling. Drug companies continue to include these toxic substances without regard to all the known harmful effects. I’d hate to think this was intentional. Hummmm. Although I don’t currently see any of those ingredients in these new vaccines, the mRNA and DNA bits could be even more dangerous. Again, the trials are not complete, so the results are UNKNOWN.
o  Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet including ingredients
o  Slide from a video Dr. Bergman lecture

Here’s where you can find the complete list of vaccine ingredients if you are interested. Nope, COVID-19 “vaccines” are NOT listed yet, because they are not yet approved vaccines.
In general, we’ve been fed misinformation regarding the efficacy of vaccines irradicating various diseases. However, the eradication correlates more with increased clean water usage, good food, and good hygiene than vaccine implementation. There are some 2000 INDEPENDENT studies showing vaccines are neither “safe nor effective.” There are many serious side effects, even death. Again, this isn’t noted in the news media nor given serious consideration by our medical system.
o  Again noted in Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma
o Just one compilation of some 1200 of these studies.
In my experience, the medical system is doing a lousy job of “informed consent,” mostly touting the drug companies’ mantra of “vaccines are safe and effective, so just take the recommended shot.” When you do the hundreds of hours of research I’ve done, you’ll discover vaccines are neither of those. Some of them have been the “source” of the disease outbreaks they were meant to quell. They are also a considerable contributor to chronic disease in this and other countries, never mind the very real serious injury, neurological disorders, immune system disorders, sterility, miscarriage, and death left in their wake. In my studied view, these “vaccines” are more dangerous than we are led to believe. Seventy percent of the polio cases in the world today match DNA with the vaccine, not the wild virus. The second side effect of the MMR vaccine listed is, wait for it, atypical measles.
o  Robert Kennedy Jr. Interview
Also, keep in mind that for some time now, the third leading cause of death in the US is medical care and prescription drugs. Yes, you read that correctly; the third leading cause of death in the US is medical care. Ever see that in the news media? Two hundred forty thousand (240,000) people DIE every year from medical care. Though some say, this number is underreported and may be closer to 400,000—per year. As of 2010, one hundred-six thousand (106,000) included in that number die of prescribed drugs, taken appropriately. This number is up now to 128,000 per year, making that the 4th leading cause of death by itself. These are death statistics. Severe injuries impact significantly more. That sad statistic was reported by JAMA's former chief editor, Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, in JAMA, 09/02/2010, who also noted that this statistic had not changed in a decade. It still has not changed. In fact, it is worse. It is NOT reported. And nothing much is being done to change that. Consider the lack of response to that data compared to the mass reaction to COVID. Hummmm.
Some 128,000 Americans a year now die from the effects of medications prescribed to them. This number doesn’t include overdose deaths—only people who took their drugs as prescribed. (INH Nov. 24, 2019)
o  JAMA, Starfield, Medical deaths are 3rd largest
by JAMA's former chief editor, Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, in JAMA, 09/02/2010
Again, ever see those stats in the news? No? I think that is a bit newsworthy, don’t you? You won’t see it reported because Big Pharma literally owns most media. That’s 240,000 to 400,000 dead per year before these new vaccines. I don’t know about you, but I find that number appalling. Why is that information not reported right along with deaths from cancer, heart disease, or now COVID? Yup, that data is usually left out. So, just think a minute, who would convince journalists or media reporters to leave that information out, and why?
Most if not all pharmaceutical companies have been convicted of felony manslaughter charges for causing deaths by continuing to keep harmful drugs on the market AFTER they knew they caused death and severe injury, for which they have paid out serious fines. Unfortunately, those fines ($30 billion) are minuscule in comparison to the money they make while leaving those harmful drugs on the market until the courts order them to take them down. Those convictions were for prescription drugs—for which they were liable. Please note that they are NOT legally liable for death or injury compensation due to vaccines, nor are they liable for death or injury due to these new COVID 19 “vaccines.” For vaccines, they have a total free pass. Hence, they have even LESS motivation to ensure safety.
Drug companies lobbied and got immunity for liability because they otherwise would have gone out of business paying for the death and injury damages caused by vaccines, hence the exemption. The alternative would have been they would have stopped making vaccines. Considering the disastrous increase in chronic diseases in children and young adults since this no liability was enacted, maybe that would have been a better choice.
o  Too Many Sick Childre
Consider the character and ethics of those you trust with your family’s medical care, especially regarding drugs and vaccines. Given this, do you think they have your best interest or their profits in mind as they promote these new “vaccines?” Again, follow the money. They have no problem with the rush job—they have zero liability---bad outcomes are all on the individual.
o  National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986
o  The PREP Act
o  1986, The ACT documentary trailer 2020
Scientifically, one would expect that the placebos used in vaccination studies would be a saline solution or something similarly innocuous. Unfortunately, they are often other vaccines, or at least the adjuvant poisons. That way, pharmaceutical companies can say the vaccinated people did not suffer any more injuries than those getting the “placebo.” Adjuvants like aluminum, thimerasol, and now polyethylene glycol (PEG), in particular, are often the cause of the severe side effects. More serious manipulation here.
o  Vaccine placebo chart from the docu-series The Truth About Vaccines


Pharmaceutical companies, the CDC, and the NIAID refuse to do studies comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated kids. Meantime, INDEPENDENTLY funded, scientifically done studies show that UNVACCINATED kids are HEALTHIER overall. So why wouldn’t the CDC and NIAID want to know and confirm that? Why wouldn’t everyone want to know that? The CDC has all the raw data necessary to do such a study. If such a study were favorable to vaccine use, that news would finally put the subject to bed. I find it interesting that they have been asked but refuse to do it. I suggest that they have done those studies off the record, but the results are not favorable for drug company profits, hence their refusal. Plus, those brave physicians that do those independent studies on their own find themselves on the hit list. Follow the money.
Several decades ago, autism struck one in 10,000 to 1 in 50,000 kids. More recently, 1 in 33 black male children is on the spectrum. Black male children are more vulnerable to this disorder. The 2020 CDC Report shows 1 in 54 children are on the autism spectrum now. Stop and look at that shift for a moment. Compare one in 50,000 to one in 54. It is estimated that the number will become 1 in 10 or even 1 in 6 kids, all types of kids, very shortly. A CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who signed the original MMR vaccine vs. autism link study, has confessed that the CDC falsified the study that autism was not linked to the MMR vaccine. And that, instead, there IS a definite link.
o  2020 CDC report on Autism
Dr. William Thompson confesses to CDC Fraud
There is also a revolving door between management positions in the pharmaceutical industry and CDC and NIAID plus CDC’s Vaccine Board approval positions. This revolving door executives process represents a significant conflict of interest, which is ignored in the name of ensuring receipt of “expert advice.” I’m sorry, but I think we have plenty more similar talent in this country than just those few. Why are they not tapping that? Again, follow the money.
o  Robert Kennedy Jr Destroys Big Pharma
In the 1986 Vaccine Act of Congress that gave Big Pharma immunity from liability, there was also a REQUIRED stipulation that drug companies give Congress a report annually noting exactly HOW they are continuing to make vaccines ever more “safe and effective.” That was in 1986. As of 04/01/21, not one single required report has been filed. Not one. No liability. No reports. They are still giving out increasing numbers of vaccines with no liability. Consider that.
o  1986 Vaccine Injury Immunity Act
There is a lot of media attention regarding “trust and use the science.” They groom us not to question, debate, research, or think; instead, they insist we trust the drug companies, CDC, NIAID, Dr. Fauci, and similar authorities—all without question. The “science” they reference is often done or funded by those with a financial interest. 
When looking at scientific studies, it can be shocking when you answer these questions about the said study.
·      Who funded it?
·      What is their financial interest in the outcome?
·      What was their agenda in conducted the study?
·      What outcome did they have in mind?
·      What questions were ignored?
·      How were the studies conducted?
·      Did independent labs repeat them?
·      What were the ingredients and adjuvants in the placebos besides saline?
·      Were there long-term animal studies?
·      Which animals were used and why?
·      Were there long-term human studies?
·      Was there a control group?
·      How long was the study? Six days? Two weeks? Two months, Ten years?
·      How many people and what types and ages of people were included in the human studies? What about the elderly, vulnerable, pregnant women, babies, children?
·      Was there outlier data?
·      Did they leave any data out, aka cherry-picking data?
·      How was the information interpreted?
·      Were those interpretations reasonable, common sense?
·      Are the recommendations for usage in alignment, given study findings?
·      Those questions need answers to get a REAL truthful picture regarding what these studies even mean. They are often manipulated based upon what the FUNDER wants as an outcome. Sorry, that’s real too.
·      So given all that, can we trust Big Pharma to have our best health interest at heart? Or is profit the most significant motivator here? Do you want to bet your health or even your life on their agenda?
Can you file a suit if something goes wrong?
No one can sue drug companies or doctors for death or injury damages due to vaccines. See prior noted No liability Vaccine ACT of 1986. Instead, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is meant to track and compensate for those injuries. Our tax dollars plus increased vaccine prices pay for any adjudicated damages—not the pharmaceutical industry.
No one can sue drug companies or doctors for death or injury damages due to these new “vaccines” either. See the COVID no liability ACT passed in congress in 2020. The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) has been designated to track injuries from these COVID “vaccines,” although I notice the VAERS system is listed on consent forms. It required a separate congressional act to setup this no liability law because none of these new COVID 19 shots are licensed vaccines yet. That means the Vaccine ACT of 1986 does NOT apply. These “vaccines” are experimental biological agents, aka gene therapies, with CDC’s approval for emergency use only. In other words, they are the most extensive human drug trial in history, and the pharmaceutical companies were not going even to try to make a vaccine unless they have complete immunity from liability for anything that goes wrong from the onset. Just how financially invested in "vaccine safety” does that make Big Pharma?” Exactly zero. Follow the money.
There is a designated Vaccine Injury Protection Board, aka Vaccine Court, to deal with claims. It is part of the federal government intended to adjudicate vaccine injury compensation. Reporting adverse events is not required. That Vaccine Court works hard not to pay out for damages. Even if people know about that option, which most people and a considerable number of medical personnel do not, people are so unaware that those keeping track suggest only a tiny percentage of actual deaths and injuries due to vaccines find their way into that system. It is estimated that only about 1% gets reported. And only a tiny percentage of those claims eventually receive compensation. Even so, over 40 Billion dollars, yes, that’s a Billion with a B, have been paid out for serious vaccine injuries or deaths. And that’s for vaccines that have gone through the usual, expected drug trial processes. Ever see those stats in the news? Were you aware of this system before reading this article? One bit of good news is that the VAERS reporting information IS included on COVID 19 “vaccine” consent forms. At least they did that right.
o  Where to report adverse vaccine events
Could there be future catastrophic consequences?
Now in April 2021, there are discussions about making the experimental biological agent aka covid “vaccine” an annual shot—like the flu shot. Because the bug continues to mutate and immunity may only last a few months, even after two shots. Okay, so again, that’s confirmation this is NOT effective long-term. Lots of grooming going on here too.
There is also a concern, and it is a BIG one, that these COVID “vaccines” allow the bug to “immune escape.” In other words, they can create smart bugs or “superbugs” that learn how to get around the vaccine, mutate and become even more lethal and less responsive to treatment. A world-renowned virologist and vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, is so concerned, he has called for the WHO to STOP all vaccinations across the world. Halt right now, he insists, or catastrophe will befall humanity. More and more physicians agree with him. Seriously scary.
o  Geert Vanden Bossche warning for humanity
o  Dr. Coleman warns this is the most important video he will ever make
There is concern that these “vaccines” set people up to have immune enhancement or pathogenic priming, which is where the vaccines respond with a cytokine storm when exposed to similar viruses, resulting in horrible outcomes. This response is what happened to those ferrets.
o  Pfizer COVID trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming
It is a known fact that these “vaccines” don’t stop the patient from catching or spreading the COVID 19 virus. This environment is perfect for creating superbugs, hence the need for continued mask-wearing and social distancing even after getting all the shots. In other words, people who have been vaccinated can be the ones fueling more outbreaks of worse bugs. Hence Fauci’s adamant “wear your mask and social distance” agenda. It’s all about the mutated virus variants now.
People, this piece of the puzzle may indeed turn out to be THE real catastrophic downfall of humanity, all because vaccine trials are not yet complete, results and long-term outcomes are NOT KNOWN, and authorities are proceeding anyway. Not smart.
Does this impact our health freedom or personal body sovereignty?
In a word, YES.
There are also discussions in the works regarding possible vaccine passports. This policy would instill the requirement for vaccination or proof of negative testing for individuals to participate in regular life activities. To fly, shop, and attend events, you name it—“Your papers please,” would become the norm. Approvals of these measures mean giving authority over your body's sovereignty and life over to the authorities. Just think about this for a while. What is your absolute freedom worth to you? If any of this goes into effect, autocracy, not a democratic republic, will be at our door….while that’s another discussion, just think on that a minute.  Mandating or otherwise forcing individuals to receive experimental drugs for any reason is just plain criminal.
In fact, mandating this experimental biological agent is against the Nuremberg Trials agreements. It is illegal to experiment on people without their fully informed consent. This legality is why you must agree and SIGN the consent form to get the shots.
o  Nuremberg Trials Code
o  COVID 19 “Vaccine” registration and consent form
Can this bug be prevented? If you get it, how could you treat it?
The best defense against these diseases is a healthy immune system. Just how much information is being disseminated to help people improve their immune system function? Not much.
I recommend utilizing Functional Medicine, Natural or Holistic physicians to help you set up your prevention and immune-boosting protocol or healing protocol if you get the bug. Pick someone who has an excellent track record in treating this bug. Call their office. Check their website. Ask your questions. Meantime, please understand these vaccines HARM immune function, making people more vulnerable, permanently. See the Bossche information above.
There are effective supplemental protocols that help prevent this nasty, sometimes lethal bug. When used in combination with a few known drugs, these protocols also work for treatment, if given early, to cure the bug. That information has been aggressively “canceled” by Big Pharma. Ask yourself why they wouldn’t want you to know about or use something that works.
Yes, I’m talking about hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Budesonide. Big Pharma had to find ways to call them “unsafe” after they have been safe, even for babies, for decades, in order to legally put forth these experimental “vaccines” through the approval for emergency use process. You see if there is a bonified treatment available that works, it is illegal to put forth a drug for emergency use approval. There is plenty of proof that using these drugs with certain supplements like zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C, and vitamin A, specific herbal viral fusion inhibitors do indeed work. Natural, Holistic, and Functional physicians have been successfully treating COVID 19 around the world. You won’t find that in the media either since there’s not as much money for drug companies when using these treatments. This situation means that you won’t hear about those successes in the bought and paid-for media or regular medical system. There’s a money trail here
o  One option: FREE ebook pdf on Rapid Virus Recovery
Please understand, this virus is a very catchy and deadly bug—by design. Yes, and that’s another subject, and I do mean “by design.” So, we must pay common-sense attention.
It is reasonable to do handwashing and voluntary quarantining of ill and vulnerable people, and please do stay home if you are sick. Others could go back to work, school, and other life activities with caution and common sense.
The jury’s still out on the correct “distancing” that works. I understand that the science before COVID required 12 feet of distancing to prevent transmission of a virus in a well-ventilated area-though I’ve not found the regulations yet on that. That science has never been mentioned, nevermind followed. 
I’ve seen requirements for 12 feet distancing when eating—CA lockdown guidelines; six feet distancing in general—noted everywhere; now we are told three feet of social distancing in schools. I’ve even seen 20 feet guidelines in India. Common sense suggests that the further away you are, the less likely you are to catch a virus from someone who has it. I believe that the authorities are trying to balance regular human interaction with at least some reduction in the risk of virus spreading. But where is the actual independently completed science on this? 
The jury’s still out on whether masks are more than marginally effective, while they can also be harmful to those vulnerable. It was recently discovered that some of those blue and grey disposable masks made in China have itty-bitty asbestos particles in them. Asbestos particles harm the lungs

Once again, the science before COVID has not been followed. N-95 masks are effective against viruses IF they have a good seal. A double mask might help if worn outside of an N-95 mask, as it could help with a snug fit. Otherwise, the masks are only effective at stopping droplets from spreading the virus. Medical masks are better at containing droplets than cloth ones. Containing the droplets is helpful, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped the viruses. We need to do more homework here. What works without being harmful?
o  Potentially toxic masks
o  WebMD, Masks Block Virus Particles but Not Entirely
What’s my intention in writing this article?
Again, in the interest of transparency, regarding the teaching wellness and wellbeing part of my mission: My intention here is to suggest it is vital: 
  • To think critically about our ever more constricted freedoms, in this case, our health and liberty freedoms, freedom of choice regarding what happens to our bodies, or body sovereignty-- especially regarding MANDATED vaccines of any sort for both adults and children. 
  • To think critically about and personally look into the INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC research on what is true about vaccines in general and the experimental biological agent aka COVID 19 “vaccines” in particular versus just blindly following "authority."
  • And then, once reasonably and truthfully informed, to make your OWN INFORMED heart-lead decisions regarding vaccines in general and these new COVID “vaccines” in particular, for yourselves and your families, as to whether you want to participate in the largest human trial to date—or not. 
  • I support your right to choose. I only hope you get to choose from a truly informed position.
Here’s something you probably didn’t expect.
I am NOT against the idea of vaccinations.
Given what I’ve had to say so far, you might think I am. I’m not.
I’d happily be interested in a truly CLEAN, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE vaccine.
Unfortunately, as far as I’ve studied, those do not exist.
You are correct in gleaning from this article that:

I am definitely against all the poisonous, physically damaging, and now mRNA DNA changing and nanotech that the drug companies include in those syringes.

I am also against the fact that drug companies are immune from prosecution and liability. There is NO motivation to make sure any vaccines are safe or effective.

I also think that the studies should be done by independent science, not funded by those that would profit. Thousands of independent studies have shown that vaccines, in general, are neither safe and often not effective and do more harm in the long run.

Further, I suggest lots of questioning and investigations of “the Powers That Be” about their financial and other motives should be the priority of the day. I can only hope that leads to serious, thoughtful, appropriate research and decision-making about all of this.
In my studied view, I find Big Pharma’s behavior not only appalling but criminal. However, I absolutely support that you make up your own mind on the subject.
I’m even okay if you seriously disagree with me. I’m open to that conversation. Discussion and even respectful debate on this and many other subjects are not only sorely lacking, but severely discouraged, censored, and “canceled.” Seriously, we would all benefit if that changed.
There is a lot more to know about all of this. I suggest it is time to begin inquiries of your own. You don’t have to believe me. Instead, please start your search with the links I’ve provided and continue from there.

If, after all that, you still don’t believe this information, I suggest you tuck this email away where you can revisit it in a year or two. See what you think about it then.
Once again, I really did not want to have to write this article. However, I’m afraid our future health and health freedom or lack thereof, and indeed many actual LIVES may well depend upon knowing this information and the choices made once knowing it. 
For me, I won’t take that shot. What will you choose?
Feel free to forward and repost this article all you want.
Bless You

Other links for your further review
One of the best places I’ve found to have factual, truthful, documented, source-linked information all in one place is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Organization website --(yes, THE Robert F Kennedy Jr.) There are plenty of videos and articles to choose from if you are interested in doing any research. Kennedy is well educated on this subject, includes scientific documentation links, etc. As a lawyer, he is actively in court fighting on behalf of children on these issues. He does not say anything unless he can back it up with well-done scientific research, and those documents are linked, in case you desire to source them.
Some Interesting articles by Dr. Mercola
·FREE ebook pdf on Rapid Virus Recovery
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