February/March 2021
Why I got vaccinated:
Dr. Neil Isaac
As vaccinations expand across the province, The Pulse sat down with Dr. Neil Isaac, Radiologist and the Division Head for Cardiac Imaging at North York General Hospital’s Department of Medical Imaging, to ask him why he got vaccinated, how he came to his decision and what he would tell others about getting vaccinated.
Ontario first
North York General's Mental health remote monitoring app
North York General has launched a new remote monitoring program to support patients in their homes and prevent the risk of hospital readmissions and repeat Emergency Department visits.

The Mental Health program application, which went live in early February, is enhancing symptom monitoring and rapid care for those with mental health concerns.
North York CARES:
Providing customized health and social care at home
Anticipating the high demand for flu shots this fall, members of North York Toronto Health Partners (NYTHP), our Ontario Health Team (OHT), mobilized to support North York residents in need.

By looking at trends in previous years, the NYTHP was able to identify groups with low vaccination rates including people who do not have a family physician/ are not part of a Family Health Team or other primary care practice; and residents of congregate settings like group homes and shelters without vaccination programs.
Partnership and compassion during a family's
experience with cancer
Despite advances and vast improvements in cancer survival rates, cancer remains a scary topic for many. And the taboo that still surrounds a cancer diagnosis can be isolating for patients and their loved ones.

With the help of North York General’s Cancer Care and Palliative team, Valentina Galvis and her mother Patricia, didn’t have to go it alone.
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