You say, "I am allowed to do anything - but not everything is helpful." You say," I am allowed to do anything- but not everything is  beneficial."                       I Corinthians 10: 23. NLT 



Now that I've got your attention, I actually don't hate Empire. Conversely, I enjoyed watching Empire, America's most watched television show this past season, for it was a well-written and captivating show. It had great acting, great singing and a great plot. It was packed with drama in every scene and made me want to clear my schedule every Wednesday night so I didn't miss an episode.  But although Empire was a well-written show that I enjoyed watching, I cannot help but wonder now that season one has ended: " Was it okay for me to watch Empire?" " As a Christian, was God pleased with my sitting down in front of my television every Wednesday night to watch a show ladled with sex, homosexuality, murder and greed?"


Because they lived in a culture filled with moral depravity and sinful pressures, Paul had to instruct the Corinthian believers on how to make the right choices on sensitive issues they faced each day. Choices like whether to eat meat sold in the marketplace, or whether to accept the invitation to eat dinner with an unbeliever. Like them, Christians face similar choices today in the culture they live in, and the choice whether to watch Empire is one of those sensitive issues. What can we learn today from the instructions Paul gave the Corinthian believers on how to make the right choices when dealing with sensitive issues? Here are five questions to consider:

1) Does it help my witness for Christ? (Colossians 3:17)

2) Is it against a specific command in Scripture? (Leviticus       18:22)

3) Does it glorify God? (I Corinthians 10:31)

4) Will it cause me to sin? (I Corinthians 10:12)

5) Will it cause someone else to sin? (I Corinthians                 10:32,33)

Season one of Empire has ended, but if you struggled about whether it was okay to watch this show, try using the five questions above as your barometer to help you deal with this sensitive decision. As you answer each of these questions in your own heart and mind before the next season of Empire begins, they can help you determine if this show is right for you to watch.


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Prayer: Father, help me to make the right choices today regarding sensitive issues using the barometer of your word. Amen.


Let me hear from you? What is your opinion about whether it is okay for Christians to watch Empire?



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