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With more than 20 years of experience in Youth for Christ in various contexts, I am more convinced than ever that this movement is a cause worthy of our time, talents, and treasure.

I started serving with Youth for Christ because it directly impacted my life. I continue to serve with Youth for Christ International because it is like family to me and I see how much of a difference it is making in the lives of other young people around the world. Whether it was a Campus Life or Juvenile Justice program in the USA, teaching English in Thailand, or building relationships with students who came to our drop-in center in New Zealand, I have been able to model and see the love of Jesus Christ around the world...and that has been worth it!

Scott Rosene
Website Content and Social Media Manager
Youth for Christ International
Dear Friends,

Why are you involved in Youth for Christ? Personally, I can’t think of anything more important than reaching young people with the message of Jesus. What else can make such a difference in their lives both now and for eternity?

God has been using Youth for Christ to reach young people with that message for 75 years. Today, this day, it is happening with young people in over 100 nations. How exciting for you and I to be part of that!

In the EVERY newsletter this month you have found a story of mothers praying, young people being changed and staff serving. You can hear the heart of those involved in Youth for Christ as you read through them – the “why” behind what they do. These stories come from Brazil, New Zealand, the US, and Thailand, but they represent a vast movement of people united in the mission of reaching every young person in every people group in every nation with the life-changing message of Christ.

You are part of that movement and we are so grateful. It is because God is working through you that young people like Rodrigo are living changed lives today.

Bryan Blomker, International Director of Development
WakeUp Deborah and Juvenile Justice Ministries are two things I am extremely passionate about. I knew things like them happened, but did not know on what size or scale.

The world needs more prayer. WakeUp Deborah is a great solution. If we prayed more, the world would be a better place. Seeing programs like WakeUp Deborah grow has been a huge blessing. I have even seen buy-in from the other mothers at school and now we do monthly prayer meetings.

Our juveniles get very little support while they are in the justice system. Seeing the hearts and actions of the teams from Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Ministries that pour into teens who are locked up gives me hope that they will change for the better and not end up back in jail.

I am happy to continue sharing my resources to ensure these programs continue.

Dawn W - Florida, USA
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Your generosity ensures that lost young people have the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. You are reaching young people everywhere.