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I am working very hard to build WarrenBDC into something great and make myself irrelevant in the process. The strategy is a simple 4 part plan:

  1. Have a big vision and, make it worthy of your time and effort.    
  2. Bring great people with varied skill sets and experiences onboard. Make sure everyone you invite is smarter than you are. (Not hard for me to do.)    
  3. Let them do what they do best and are most passionate about. We all have a superpower and at our core we know what it is. This is usually accompanied by a deep desire to unleash it to its' fullest potential.   
  4. Create a desireable inclusive, atmosphere great people want to be a part of.

If I succeed, they will thrive and likely take the company much further than I ever could on my own.


So what does irrelevant mean to me? Right now and for the foreseeable future I will maintain the vision and lead the charge. As we grow I will slowly replace my superpowers with others who demonstrate the same abilites and let them take over.   

At some point I will become redundant, irrelevant and unneccesary to managing and growing the business.


I will then have succeeded.  







If you want to be irrelevant to your company click the mugs.








Want to help make me irrelevant?

If you think you're one of the great people we want, at WarrenBDC, with superpowers and a burning desire to let them loose we are open to hearing your story. Ask your associates if they are already a part of the WarrenBDC family, you may be pleasantly surprised. To find out more about our Specialists Program Click Here

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