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Welcome to a brand new issue of the
LET'S MOVE YOUR SCREEN - newsletter by Regout Balance Systems B.V.

Creating Height Adjustable Mounting Solutions is in our DNA. Our years of experience has made us design the new standard in mounts for your AV touchscreen panels and interactive whiteboards. It's because we believe in:
- Giving everyone fast access to
your touchscreen technology -
- Creating safe & healthy learning and work environments -
- Adding flexibility to your presentation -
- Protecting your investment (your touchscreen) -
We've developed manual mounting solutions, named BalanceBox®, and electrical mounting solutions, named e-Box®. Both come in wall and mobile solutions, with a vast array of accessories. You'll find all information on our website:

And of course, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to be of assistance!
IN THE SPOTLIGHT----------------------------------------------------E-BOX® TILT & TABLE
With our products, we strive to contribute to creating safe and healthy learning and work environments. Ergonomics play a major role in determining whether or not learning and work environments are safe and healthy to use.

Our e-Box® Tilt & Table motorized height adjustable mobile stand is an innovation which makes it possible to change the position of the touchscreen from vertical (the normal upright position) to horizontal (the table position) and any diagonal position in between. This makes the e-Box® Tilt & Table the perfect solution for all users to work with your touchscreen technology at their specific height, both individually or in a group.

In the video below, we'll show you how this looks like in real life.
The details of the e-Box® Tilt & Table, mentioned in the video, are displayed below:
We give everyone fast access to your touchscreen technology

• Travel: 660 mm (26”) | Speed: 38 mm/s (1.5”/s)
• Tilt feature: 90° vertical to horizontal
• Adjust and maintain any height & tilt position
with just the touch of a button

We create safe & healthy learning and work environments

• No danger of tipping over, no finger pinching hazards or moving parts exposed
• Anti-collision feature: the system stops & retreats when sensing any obstruction
• ADA compliant, CE certified and UL 962 listed

We add flexibility to your presentation

• Rolls easily and quietly with four 100 mm (4”) non-marking
heavy duty casters (2 with brake)
• Navigates thresholds with ease, so you can take your touchscreen anywhere

We protect your investment (your touchscreen)

• Two columns for extra stability
• Suited for most touchscreens, with available VESA
patterns of 200x400 up to 600x400, 800x400 & 800x600
• Maximum screen weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)
• Maximum screen size: 75” diagonal
In The Line Up of this week, you'll find our BalanceBox® wall mount solutions, with or without our floor supports for the extra safety in case the wall is not strong enough.

Visit our website or contact us for more information.
Let's move your screen... manually!
For many employees worldwide, the daily commute is still (or again) being replaced by working from home. Spending many hours every day in your 'home office', makes it more important to make sure your work space will not hurt you in the short or longer term.

Therefore, we would like to share some ergonomics related tips on how to make sure your home office is safe and healthy to use.

In the online article "How to work from home - comfortably", published on the website of the BBC, a few simple but effective tips are given by Dr Susan Hallbeck, PhD, doctor and the president of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and researcher at the Mayo Clinic, one of the largest academic medical centres in the US.
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