June 2019

 "I'm Starting to Believe in Him Again"
by Satara Corley, JJM Chaplain

Recently I entered into a pod (a living unit for incarcerated youth) just to hang around and play a few card games. One youth named “Isaac” asked, “What do you do here”? I said, “Ya know, just hang with you guys and talk about the Lord.” That was the simplest way I could think to describe my role. Isaac said, “I’m an Atheist.” I was stunned. We don’t often come across youth who identify as being atheist. I asked him if we could talk more about his reasons at a later time. Isaac didn’t hesitate to tell me his reason why in that moment: “My dad was murdered when I was 9 and my mom was strangled to death when I was 12, so there ain’t no reason for me to believe that there is a God.” I certainly wasn’t expecting that, but I knew that I couldn’t have a quality conversation with him at that moment. Isaac said he was willing to meet later that day one-on-one." CLICK HERE FOR REST OF STORY

Helping Teen Moms Achieve Their Goals
Our desire for young moms in YFC's Teen Parents program is that they graduate from high school and are equipped to be successful in their lives. While they work so hard in their schooling, they face so many obstacles and hardships that hinder their progress. That's why we are so proud of several young moms who have recently achieved goals that will help them as they move forward.
Job-Skills Training in Phlebotomy
Five Teen Moms took the five-week class to become Certified Phlebotomy Technicians. The girls worked very hard in the classroom portion, and practiced blood draws on each other and many adult volunteers. They all passed the state Phlebotomy exam (with flying colors). Two girls have taken and passed the National Certification Exam and two more are taking it soon.
Graduating from High School
Three of our Moms graduated from high school on May 29th. We're so proud of them and the dedication they showed in achieving this goal. We look forward to what they do with this next phase of their lives.
How You Can Help
Teen Parents relies on volunteer help (tutors, childcare) and donations (diapers, wipes, etc.) If you would like more information on how you can play a part in this special ministry, contact Tami Strack at tstrack@coyfc.org.

Why Is Working with Teens a Journey?
by Katie Campbell, City Life

Have you ever interacted with a person who just cannot stop making jokes, or who just talks and talks, or a person who keeps making the same mistakes over and over? It is so easy to dismiss or judge the behaviors. It is much harder to try and understand what is going on underneath.

One of my favorite parts of working with high school students is that it is often a challenge to figure out what their behavior is communicating. Are they hurting? Are the saying something without words? Do they need my patient grace? Do they need a pep talk? What words should I use here? There is always so much more going on that we don't know!  CLICK HERE FOR REST OF STORY

"Give Life to Your Story"
We shared this inspiring video at our recent fundraising luncheon. Three young people share how God has dramatically worked in their lives and brought them to a place of peace and contentment. Thank you for joining us in this mission to serve teens in tough places.
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