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Why Just Shine When You Can Sparkle?
Lovely sparkling wines from the highly respected producer, Matheus Muller, these wonderful sparklers possess tingly youthful charm and are an uncomplicated companion for many moments of life. Carefully selected wines combined to create a fine cuvee of elegant, sparkling, unmistakably character. Available in Extra Dry and Rose and in a size range of 750ml and 200 ml (mini bar) sizes.
Beautifully crafted sparkling wines from one of Germany’s most respected wine producers, the range consists of Premium Bottle Fermented Riesling and Pinot Noir and from the International Range of lovely sparklers terrific wines produced in an array of flavors, Dry, Semi Dry, Sweet, Rose (Blush) and Red (Rubis), available in 750ml and 200 ml (mini bar) sizes.