July 2022
What's happening and what matters in construction supply, from Webb Analytics President Craig Webb.
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How Are Dealers Feeling? Positively Nervous
Collect dozens of anecdotes from travels, panels, e-mails, and social media interactions, as I have recently, and you hear two things that lead to a third: 1) Dealers say demand is strong, with only marginal easing of supply pressures; 2) In contrast, gloom-and-doom statements abound among housing commentators, who equate recent speed bumps with going over a cliff; and 3) When dealers hear those fears, they get cautious about sales late this year and into 2023. Expect this nervous optimism to last well into the fall. More
Why Is LBM Like the Roman Empire?
The Brand-New CS150 Podcast Explains
Webb Analytics' just-released podcast on the 2022 Construction Supply 150 goes back to the Roman Empire to help explain what happened to America's biggest dealers last year. Yes, the sales gains merit a triumphal march, but amid the celebrations, dealers need to ask themselves, "Was I lucky, or was I good?"
The podcast examines that question with the help of six experts, including Mike McDole, Tony Misura, and Greg Brooks.

You can download the podcast here or from services like Apple and Spotify.
And if you haven't downloaded it yet, here's a reminder that the Construction Supply 150 report is now available for download. It's LBM's most comprehensive analysis of how America’s key lumber and building material operations changed last year. Getstats on size, scope and challenges. Find benchmark data on revenue per employee, OSR, and facility. And it's available for free. Download it here

Do you prefer to get your information via webinar? You can go that route, too. The CS150 webinar features three industry experts: Steve Yates of Buildxact, Graham Rigby of Epicor, and Mai-Tal Kennedy of Building Industry Partners. View it here.
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US LBM-FoxGal Deal Alters the Competition in Key TX and AZ Markets. These Maps Show How
US LBM's acquisition of Foxworth-Galbraith significantly boosts the dealer's ability to compete in five of the nation's most important new-home markets, particularly against Builders FirstSource and 84 Lumber. While US LBM cites five states where adding FoxGal will help it grow, the deal's greatest impact is likely to be found in how it affects the competitive picture in five markets: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Phoenix. Which dealers are in the fight varies a bit by market. Maps tell the story. More
82 Job Changes, 51 Companies
It has been a busy month in the executive suite. Aside from Wayne Withers (right) becoming chairman and Adam Withers becoming CEO of NorCal Lumber, there also are new C-suite execs at Effingham Builders Supply, Builders Alliance and Frontier Building Supply, Rocky's Ace Hardware, PrimeSource Building Products, and Antcliff Windows & Doors. More
Plan Now to Retool Your Ops
So You Can Fight Stagflation
Running a lumberyard these days can feel like playing a video game. It’s been a chaotic, adrenaline-filled experience as you racked up sales—and profits—in a sizzling housing market. But now, as in that video game, you’re entering a new level, one that features an enemy your company hasn’t encountered in decades and you probably never had to confront. That enemy is stagflation, an economic condition that combines a stagnant gross domestic product with high inflation. What should be your game plan if stagflation becomes a reality? Here are five management moves to consider. More
LBM facilities acquired (blue pins), opened (green) or closed YTD 2022. Source: Webb Analytics
LBM's Deals Count Now Tops 200 Locations, Greenfield Openings This Year Near 100
The start of 2022's second half saw a surge in deal announcements, raising the year-to-date total to 64 acquisitions by 37 companies for 203 locations. The volume is far behind where we were at this point in 2021, when 69 different deals saw 340 locations change hands, but, speaking tactically, this year's big deals could be just as important. More
Dealers' Sports Sponsorships on the Rebound
US LBM's recent announcement that it signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with golfers Jessica and Nelly Korda continues a recent trend of construction supply firms increasing their involvement in sports. Last year saw US LBM sponsor golfer Bernhard Langer, while SRS Distribution's name now is tied to college football's Las Vegas Bowl. In Beloit, WI, ABC Supply Stadium is home to the Beloit Sky Carp baseball team, and ABC also supports the AJ Foyt IndyCar racing team. 84 Lumber has its own named stadium--this one is for hockey--and it sponsors the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin TV show as well as the Pittsburgh Penguins' hockey team. Any others? Tell me

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