May Newsletter                                                      2011
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NY Daily News
"Manners Camp"
"Let's Dance!" Cotillion"
New York Daily News
"Your Mother Was Right, Manners Matter as Etiquette Goes to Work"
NY Daily News

Earlier this month we were asked to contribute to an article for the New York Daily News on etiquette in the workplace and how the simple art of exchanging pleasantries and other acts of kindness become a thermostat for the work environment. Read more here

"Bridesmaids'Inspired Etiquette Tips"  
When Weddzilla contacted us to comment on the royal wedding we had no idea it would lead to a regular contribution as a blogger for the site, and we were thrilled.  Twice a month we will share our expert tips and advice on all things weddings breaking down everything from old fashioned "I do's" to modern day thank you's. This month we featured a review of the outrageously funny "Bridesmaids" as the ultimate guidebook for what not to do and how not to behave as a bridesmaid in a wedding. Read more here.
Manners Monday
"How to Walk in High Heels"


High Heels
Recently, I had received two separate inquiries from a couple of teenage girls who were new to the whole world of stilettos and platforms and had enlisted my help to teach them how to properly walk in high heels. It was eye-opening to learn how concerned these young ladies were with being able to balance both comfortably and confidently in their heels and I realized that there may be a number of other women out there suffering from high heel anxiety.  Read more here.
Table Setting



Why do manners RULE?  Simply put, because they exist everywhere and they apply to everyone!   There is virtually no one on this planet who is above using them.  Manners are a bit tricky though.  People are still puzzled by their meaning often associating them with an old stodgy book of rules that have no influence in today's fast-paced, technologically-driven world.  On the contrary, manners are  deceivingly straightforward. They are  built on common sense and their recognition is actually more necessary now than ever as they offer us an excuse to slow down and engage in pleasant interactions and niceties with others.


As we slowly slip away from spring and jump head first into summer, we want to inspire YOU to get in touch with your manners and check out one of our many class offerings for yourself, your child, a co-worker or friend.  


For Kids/Teens, we have our "Manners Camp" program (ages 6-12), our "Let's Dance!" Cotillion series (for kids in the 3rd thru 7th grades) and our class on "Netiquette" for teens.


For Corporate, we are pleased to offer our "Dine LIke a Diplomat," "Outclass the Competition" and "How to Succeed in the International Arena" half day and full day programs. 


For Adults, "The Business Lunch"  and  "The Art of Civility" are two separate edcuational seminars for the professional or social setting. 


Whatever your endeavor, tune up and take some time to let your manners rule!


Very best,




Beverly Hills Manners, Inc. 

Manners Camp  manners camp

Tuesday thru Friday

July 5th thru July 8th NEW DATES!!

11:00am to 2:00pm

McCormick & Schmick's

We are pleased to offer the fourth season of "Manners Camp" for children ages 6 thru 12.  This is an excellent alternative to the usual summer fare.  At Manners Camp, children participate in a comprehensive and fun-filled program incorporating culture and etiquette.  In  addition to the cultural component and etiquette lesson, each session will emphasize children's table and dining skills during a multi-course class lunch.  Space is filling up, please call 310.276.9078 to make your reservation today!

Let's Dance! Cotillion 2011/2012Cotillion 2011

Wednesday Evenings

9/21, 10/19, 11/16, 1/18, 2/15, 3/21

3rd & 4th Grades 5:00pm to 6:30pm

5th, 6th & 7th Grades 6:45pm to 8:15pm

Beverly Hills Women's Club
"Dancing with the Stars" meets Cotillion! Beverly Hills Manners, Inc. is proud to present season three of its modernized cotillion. Designed to meet the needs and desires of children today, our friendly, interactive and entertaining approach provides them with the social and communication skills necessary to present themselves confidently in today's increasingly competitive society.  For children in grades 3-7.  Sign up now!

Netiquette-Online Manners for Teens

Tea at Montage

Wednesday Evening

June 8, 2011

5:00pm to 7:00pm

McCormick & Schmick's

Netiquette is a term that has been used to define all of the guidelines that assist us with online communication. It provides general rules of protocol for such technologies as emailing, blogging, texting, social networking and all other forms of new technologies for communicating. Learn how to navigate online communication tools and the most appropriate ways of maintaining a positive online image. In a time when the walls between online and offline communication are coming down, protecting yourself and knowing the proper way to behave is not only sensible, but vital in today's world. Along with the program, a light dinner will be served. Sign up now!



Season three of the "Let's Dance!" Cotillion begins this Fall.  Take advantage of early registration and receive a special discount of 10% off the regular enrollment fee of $385.00.  Call 310.276.9078 or email to reserve your child's space today!
Offer Expires: June 30, 2011