Why Marvin Blum Has No Plans to Retire
As estate planning attorneys, we often speak with clients about planning for their retirement. In a Dallas Morning News article earlier this week, Marvin Blum was quoted on his thoughts about his own retirement.

In "Baby Boomers Are Delaying Retirement, and It’s Not Just Because of Finances," author and Dallas attorney Talmage Boston ponders the decision of when is the right time to retire. He asks the following two questions: Do I still enjoy my current work? And if I retire now, is there something else to do with my time that would be as fulfilling as my job?

Many of his generation are delaying or altogether avoiding retiring. In the article, Marvin discusses how fulfilling his career and his relationship with co-workers are, and hence has no plans to retire.

Marvin said, “Staying present and engaged with my estate planning practice and law firm brings me energy and peace at the same time. I’ve learned during COVID how important it is to fight the mind from reliving the past (shoulda, coulda, woulda) and from racing ahead to worry about what might be down the road. When I’m in the moment, I feel confident and calm.”

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Photo: Marvin Blum and Talmage Boston dedicating a scholarship at the University of Texas School of Law in honor of their friendship that began there.