June 2019
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Why the State of MN Doesn't Want to Pay for Your Long-term Care
The state of Minnesota doesn't want to pay for your extended care. Rather, the state wants YOU to plan now for your future care needs. Knowing that the state will not be able to handle the flood of baby boomers needing help funding their future care needs, Minnesota launched a statewide awareness campaign to help Minnesotans prepare for their own futures.
As part of that initiative, the state created the 'Own Your Future: Long-term Care Planning Guide'
This guide contains:

  • Planning checklists for those under age 40, 40-69, and over 69
  • Advice and resources for caregivers
  • Discussions about what programs do pay for long-term care
  • Financing options for long-term care
  • Tools to help you stay at home and age in-place
  • Resources for advanced care planning

This 24-page guide was designed to help educate Minnesotans on the need to take charge of their own future needs, and make their plans now while they have more options.
When you're ready to discuss how long-term care planning fits in with your overall retirement strategy, remember that the Education Minnesota ESI Member Benefits Long-term Care Insurance offering is available to you and your extended family as well. Learn more about the program and the options available to you. Contact us at 763-689-9023, lifeplan@elsllc.org, or visit us online at www.EducatorsLTC.com today!
Faced with Health Issues, Client Unlocks 'Key' That Changes Everything
Healthcare costs typically skyrocket in the midst of a health crisis or when seniors ride what Lifesprk refers to as the 'roller coaster of health care crisis' - the frequent in-and-out of the hospital or emergency room, which ends up costing seniors and their caregivers in more ways than just financial.

Lifesprk client, Jonathan, was all-too-familiar with this scenario and knew something needed to be done. But it wasn't until Lifesprk came along that he found the 'key' that would change everything.
Have questions about what you read today or just looking for some long-term care planning advice? Please know, we are here whenever a need may arise.
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