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November 15, 2020 | Issue 1115 | Ginger Cook Studios
Auction News - Fall 2020 Auction Ending Tuesday!
Auction Ending Soon!
Our fall auction is underway and will be closing on November 17th in the early evening.

The painting on the left is from last Monday's Live YouTube show that is in the auction now!

Click on the images to see what's being offered.

Our New Website - Continues to add lessons
Our Crystal Ball
We have being adding lessons to the new website,, but not as many as we were hoping for.

We have added a few more lessons to the "STORE" website and the "Garden Steps" is just one of them.

Visit the homepage to see all of the latest additions.
Santa's Coming to Town has been released in both the Senior Academy and also is available for purchase!
Final Thoughts for this Edition
Happy Thanksgiving to our US Family and Friends
This is the holiday season and it will be like no other. We want to take this opportunity to offer well-wishes and to ask you to stay safe.

We may just have a little something to offer everyone on the special Thursday coming up, but Morgan (Head Security Officer) has not given approval to disclose any more information. He doesn't even know that I put this in here! Shh....!

If you have any problems by using one of the Contact Us forms.

We are here to help...just let us!

Thank you for being you!

Ginger, Jon, and the Stuffy Staff