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Why Flowers, Plants & Trees Matter - A Symposium Preview
Big challenges with climate await us, and never has horticulture been more important. Conversely, it can be argued that never has horticulture been less valued. At this year's America in Bloom Symposium & Awards Celebration , you will get a big picture view of all that horticulture does to make our lives, homes, neighborhoods, and communities healthier, economically strong, and environmentally better, and why it needs to be a part of the solution. Scott Beuerlein, Horticulturalist at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens, will explain in his keynote presentation why flowers, plants, and trees matter. Join us at the symposium, September 27-29 in Lexington, Kentucky. Learn more .
EarthPlanter - An AIB Sponsor Spotlight
Planters add incredible beauty and life to any landscape project. Since they can last a long time, getting it right the first time is essential. That’s why at EarthPlanter you’ll always deal directly with company ownership who will guide you through every detail.

From initial budget projections to selecting the right model, color, soil and plants to make your downtown, campus, retail mall, office park or other facility look its best. It’s a commitment to our customers that ensures ordering, delivery and installation exceed your expectations.

America in Bloom thanks EarthPlanter for their support of the organization and communities.
The Why of Urban Forestry
By AIB Judge Bill Hahn
Biophilia, perhaps an unfamiliar term to many of us, is the urge of humans to affiliate with other living things. Although many of us know this concept intuitively, it can take on many facets and become difficult to wrap one’s mind around.

The core notion of  biophilia  is an experience of love or attraction to living biological systems. In addition, there’s the  biophilia hypothesis , first introduced by the celebrated biologist  E.O. Wilson  in 1984. The hypothesis holds that human beings, having spent much of their evolutionary development as a species in nature, are inherently drawn to natural settings. Designing a property, neighborhood or city incorporating biophilic aspects essentially means providing space for nature in one or more of its many forms.

We’re all biophiliacs to some degree, and the benefits for urban trees are recognized and considerable. Read more of Bill's article .

Therapeutic Garden Grants Available
National Garden Bureau (NGB) promotes the health and healing powers of human interaction with plants through a yearly grant program for therapeutic gardens. Each year, three therapeutic gardens are selected as recipients of a grant that will help build or perpetuate a therapeutic garden. Those gardens will then compete via social media, for a first, second and third place prize of a financial contribution to their garden.

Schools, non-profits, hospitals, retirement centers, rehabilitation facilities, veteran’s facilities, community centers, day camps, treatment facilities, and inter-generational groups throughout the United States and Canada are eligible. Applicants must have the plot of land in their possession at the time of application with at least a five-year commitment for a garden to be on that property.

NGB works in collaboration with Sakata Seed America and American Meadows to implement the program.

Urbanscape Planters - An AIB Sponsor Spotlight
Urbanscape Self Watering Planters are designed specifically to save on water, labor, and fuel. Say goodbye to the high costs associated with daily watering. Our leading self-watering system allows our planters to go up to 3.5 weeks without requiring more water.

From the desert to the tundra our planters are built to stand up to the harshest of environments. Constructed from UV resistant polyethylene our planters feature a double wall design which allows the planters to be left outdoors even during winter freeze up. All planters are available in a wide range of colors.

Visit Urbanscape Planters today. Thank you to Urbanscape Planters for their support of AIB!
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