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January 2016
The best time to start post-production is in pre-production.

StUn is excited to be working on the post-production sound for this fast-paced, fun, Fred Willard flick! In this high-stakes comedy, a reluctant dog track owner tries to outrun his problems with the bet of a lifetime. Bruce Hampton stars with Willis, and along side is Joey Lauren Adams and a host of other great talent. This film has been particularly fun for StUn to work on because it's very lively and energetic, with a big ensemble of cast and extremely music driven. Matt said it's like working on a live-action cartoon. It's been a blast so far, and we're looking for an awesome finished product and release later this year. Check out this promotional video - a commercial for Cowboy Mak's Used Car Ranch -- to see what we're talking about, and click here to see the first teaser/trailer!

Cowboy Mak's Used Car Ranch Official Commercial #1

StUn Video of Interest:  THE REVENANT  

With the Golden Globes over, and the Oscars coming up, it looks like Leo and the gang might be headed for more great things. With so much buzz about the acting, cinematography, and every other aspect of this film, we thought you might like to hear from Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Martin Hernandez and Re-Recording Mixer and Supervising Sound Editor Randy Thom about the film. Check out this special video from SoundWorks.

Image Courtesy Of SoundWorks. .

This month's StUn blog comes from Jaime Horrigan, Managing Partner and all-around good guy here at Studio Unknown

It's the age of Netflix and Keurig, we want things to happen at the touch of a button, and have been conditioned to expect just that. 

It's very common for time to get crunched towards the end of any creative process. The key is to not let that negatively impact the film, and the best way to accomplish that, is with a basic understanding of each step in your process.

Three components we see that are too often not factored in:
1 - File organization and transfer (to your post sound company, and then back to you once mixed). READ MORE HERE...

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