February 2018 
Why Print Advertising Still Matters

We know you're not surprised to see that a print management company thinks that print is still a relevant marketing channel. Hear us out, though. We did a little research and it looks like the majority of consumers still want print marketing.

In a survey conducted by Two Sides, they found that the majority of the respondents don't respond well to online advertising. 
  • 71% don't pay attention to online ads
  • 69% find online ads annoying
  • 59% don't trust online ads
In the same survey, they found that many of the respondents react well to print advertising.
  • 80% trust print ads
  • 63% read print ads addressed to them
  • 59% read print ads that aren't addressed to them
What do you think? We'd love to hear whether you agree with the results of this survey. And of course, if you're interested in revamping your print marketing, we'd love to help! Click the button below to see all of the products we offer!

There was recently some very interesting research done that all business owners will want to pay attention to. While the world of digital advertising and marketing is vast and there are many exciting tools at business owners' and marketers' disposal, a majority of respondents to a recent survey indicated that they were more likely to pay attention to print advertising than digital. Let's explore some of the reasons why, below...   Read more.
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What print can do for your social media.

What does print have to do with social media? Believe it or not, they connect well, particularly in brand voice. An engaging and consistent voice leads fans of your print campaigns to check you out on social media, and makes your social fans pay attention to your print ads.

In addition to using a consistent, shareable tone, you can help your print and social marketing work together in these ways:
  • Engage multiple generations of consumers. While elders tend to prefer print and younger shoppers search primarily online, neither group sticks exclusively to one format.
  • Drive social traffic with printed calls-to-action. Mention hashtags that fans can use to join the latest conversation on Twitter, or encourage them to like you on Facebook for special promotions.
  • Share your online reviews offline. This makes your reputation more accessible to those who may not immediately hop online looking for reviews.
Print and social media are not mutually exclusive. Fans will appreciate the effort you put into both, and the traffic your store receives will be proof!

This is an excerpt of an article originally featured on  Entrepreneur

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