78 days until Election Day!!!

Why re-elect Abe M. Hudson, Jr.?

When I decided to run in a 2016 Special Election for Mississippi State Representative in House District 29 (Bolivar & Sunflower Counties), I had never run for public office. I had spent my career in various arenas: Corporate America, Business Ownership, and Higher Education. When the opportunity presented itself, I thoughtfully considered the task and assumed the responsibility. Since then, I have been committed to Constituent Services, Funding Support, Community Involvement, and Civil Rights Activism. Please go to  www.abemhudsonjr.com/accomplishments  to read more about my accomplishments in these areas.

During my last 3 years in the Mississippi Legislature, I have made sure that other legislators, folks around Mississippi, and individuals from across the country perceive the “value” of the Mississippi Delta. We are the most valuable asset in Mississippi. However, with any asset, it must be nurtured. I want to continue to help to make our area shine bright. 

With your help, we can shed light on the positive aspects of our area and work to remove all the negative stereotypes. Thanks for your vote on Tuesday, August 6th as we endeavor to finish what we started!!!

Truly, Representative Abe M. Hudson, Jr.
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Want to Volunteer?

Your participation in the upcoming Tuesday, August 6th election is very important. Check out the attached graphic to see a couple way to get involved. Please CLICK HERE to volunteer . Thanks to all those who have already served as volunteers and we look forward to your continued support!!!

Want to Donate?

Would you like to contribute to my Re-Election Campaign to again be the Mississippi House District 29 Representative? If so, CLICK HERE to give online at our website. You can contribute $10, $25, or $50 towards this important campaign. No matter what your contribution, we will be appreciative of your support. Also, donations can be mailed to the address below: Friends of Abe M. Hudson, Jr., P.O. Box 564, Shelby, MS 38774. Thanks in advance for your participation in electing me to represent my Mississippi Delta.

Truly Yours,
Representative Abe Marshall Hudson, Jr.
Testing School Drinking Water for Lead 
This report describes the features of 25 statewide initiatives in operation between January 2016 and February 2018 to test for lead in school drinking water. The report also estimates the prevalence of elevated lead concentrations in tap water in public schools based on the available data in 12 of those states. 

‘Opportunity Zones’ Spur New State Tax Incentives
Governors helped the U.S. Treasury Department choose nearly 9,000 economically distressed “opportunity zones” where people can get a tax break for investing in certain businesses and properties. But the 2017 federal tax law that created the zones doesn’t allow governors or state lawmakers to steer investors’ money into certain projects.

Mississippi Library Commission
Since time immemorial, the role of the library has been to gather, store and safeguard knowledge and the role of the librarian has been to steward that knowledge and help people find and make good use of it. Some forecasts a few years ago suggested that libraries would be rendered unable to meet the needs of the populace due to the new, rapidly changing technologies and library user demand. 

How Many Veterans in Bolivar and Sunflower County?
Bolivar County has 1,322 veterans and Sunflower County has 1,062 veterans. 

Out of 100 persons living in Mississippi, approximately 6 are veterans and 16 are potential dependents of a veteran. Therefore, 22 out of every 100 Mississippian is a potential claimant for veterans’ benefits and may need our assistance in filing a claim with veterans affairs. 

In Mississippi, there are 191,411 veterans, 476,528 potential dependents of veterans, and 669,939 eligible people for veterans benefits.
Measles cases around the country are approaching their highest total since the disease was declared eliminated in the U.S. nearly two decades ago.The resurgence of measles this year has hit multiple states and has spurred debate over how to stop the viral infection from spreading. Officials had confirmed 626 cases across the U.S. as of April 19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , up from 555 cases reported the week before.

New Prison and Jail Population Figures Released by
U.S. Department of Justice
Analysis of the new data by The Sentencing Project reveals that:
  • The United States remains as the world leader in its rate of incarceration, locking up its citizens at 5-10 times the rate of other industrialized nations. At the current rate of decline it will take 75 years to cut the prison population by 50%.
  • The population serving life sentences is now at a record high. One of every seven individuals in prison – 206,000 – is serving life.
  • Six states have reduced their prison populations by at least 30% over the past two decades – Alaska, Connecticut, California, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont. 
  • The rate of women’s incarceration has been rising at a faster rate than men’s since the 1980s, and declines in recent years have been slower than among men.
  • Racial disparities in women’s incarceration have changed dramatically since the start of the century. Black women were incarcerated at 6 times the rate of white women in 2000, while the 2017 figure is now 1.8 times that rate. These changes have been a function of both a declining number of black women in prison and a rising number of white women. For Hispanic women, the ratio has changed from 1.6 times that of white women in 2000 to 1.4 times in 2017.

Hybrid Cars in North Carolina
The owners of hybrid cars and trucks would pay an annual registration fee to offset the gas taxes they are saving when their vehicle is moving on battery power, under a bill approved by a Senate committee Wednesday. The bill would also more than double a registration fee that owners of fully electric vehicles already pay every year in lieu of gas taxes. By 2022, the electric vehicle fee would rise to $275, more than any of the other 19 states with similar fees charge now.

Plastic Bag Bans
New Democratic majorities in several New England state legislatures are debating bans on plastic grocery bags, straws and styrofoam containers.

Voter Rolls Are Growing
The United States is almost alone among industrial countries and other democracies in putting most of the onus of registering to vote on individual voters, a sometimes cumbersome process that may explain a large portion of why turnout rates in the U.S. are lower than in many other countries. But the i ncreasing adoption of automatic voter registration over the past five years has led to a big boost in the voter rolls in states that have implemented the new system.

7 Minutes in
House District 29
Tune in every Monday until election day for my weekly broadcast called "7 minutes in House District 29." Please CLICK HERE to here previous weeks conversations. This is an opportunity for my legislative colleagues and others to better understand the place I represent and call home: My Mississippi Delta.
Annabelle Guptill thanks for stopping me on the side of the road to get a sign. They had just left a church in Perthshire, Mississippi. It is good to have people like her who decide to make the Mississippi Delta home.
On last Monday, I spent time with the AAUW (American Association of University Women). I got to tell them about Bolivar County at the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi . I, along with others who are seeking public office, were invited by Dr. Glendscene Williams of Delta State University .
Mr. Lofton was out washing his car before I gave him a card, asked to chat for a few minutes, and got his support. He lives in Mound Bayou, MS. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll introduce you to other Mississippi Deltans who I meet on the campaign trail. Trust me, the Mississippi Delta ain't what you think it is. It is unique in it's own way and the people are what make it so...
Sunflower County Clerk Carolyn P. Hamilton, Representative Tracey Rosebud, and I were at a prayer luncheon in Drew, MS (Sunflower County) a few weeks ago. Both of them represent Sunflower County well in their respective capacities. 

There are 19 precincts in House District 29 where I currently serve as State Representative. 18 of those boxes are in Bolivar County (Lamont, Boyle, Shaw, Duncan, and Alligator are not included) and only one precinct (called Sunflower Plantation) is in Sunflower County. As I avail myself to help and support ALL the rural towns in Bolivar County, I attempt to do the same for Sunflower County. 
Missed any of my legislative newsletters? Please CLICK HERE to read my 2017, 2018, & 2019 session updates.