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July 3, 2017
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Powering the Greater Good
In the event of a wide-spread storm or other disaster, having functional school buildings not only keeps children on track scholastically, but also allows the school to be a rallying point for the community. Schools that are warm and safe can serve as temporary shelters or emergency feeding stations for people displaced from their homes. As long as fuel is available, a generator can run indefinitely, so even in the case of a widespread disaster, schools can continue to function.
Do the Lessons Stop?
Having the proper emergency backup power system can save the day. With the proper equipment, phone systems, computer networks, lighting, refrigeration, heating/cooling, ventilation, security and other systems can continue to work. These capabilities allow a school to continue to fully function until normal power is restored. A UPS battery backup system and/or generator are useful solutions capable of keeping entire campuses powered and safe. 
When the Lights Start to Flicker
It's usually not until the lights start to flicker, the power goes out, and the Wi-Fi goes down, that students and teachers alike realize how much they rely on power. Whether due to a massive storm, a nearby car accident taking down a power line, or any of the other multiple reasons the power can suddenly go out, not having power at a school or university can cause a multitude of problems.

Problems that a power outage can create include the following:
  • loss of communication between student body, staff and administration
  • email servers go down - halting electronic communications
  • landline phone systems stop working
  • power outlets become useless for charging cell phones and other personal devices
  • computer systems don't have time to power down properly, and access to the web is lost
  • loss of lighting in hallways can affect safety
  • lunch rooms cannot prepare hot meals and power to refrigeration stops, threatening food safety
  • heating, cooling and ventilation of classrooms can become an issue
A reliable emergency backup power system can keep things up and running when you need it the most. Contact Titan Power today for a FREE consultation of your facility and see how we can help you.
Buy With Confidence
Titan Power's experienced team works with each customer to evaluate their specific situation (including current equipment, load requirements and budget) and advises the optimal solution. Whether it is a basic UPS system or a high capacity generator, we work with our customers to create custom solutions that best meet their needs. Call us today at 800-509-6170 for a FREE consultation. With education budgets due soon, now is the time to plan. Keep your institution up and running by calling Titan Power today.

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Visit our blog
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