Ahh..the after-glow of sex! There's nothing quite like it. Sex helps improve blood circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen to the skin and can reduce inflammatory skin concerns.
. the face contains thousands of tiny capillaries that become dilated with increased circulation. When these capillaries are dilated, it gives the entire face a rosy glow, increasing collagen production and making the skin look more hydrated and smooth.

Sex isn’t just good for your skin. “Research has shown that sex improves the body’s ability to absorb and metabolize nutrients effectively,” says Dr. Joel Schlessinger. “An increase in those essential vitamins and minerals means healthier hair and stronger nails.
All that increased blood flow also gives your cheeks what’s referred to as an ‘orgasm flush’ Finally, increased blood flow means more water is transferred to your skin (your largest organ), and we all know hydration is essential for a glowing complexion.

Can you get that after-glow with skin care products?
Please don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that there is a replacement for sex! Besides improving the skin, there are other benefits associated with sex as well. That being said, many of the skin benefits associated with sex can be achieved by applying the Eco Masque & Peel. We know that the blood caries oxygen to the skin. As the masque tightens
 with each pulsating sensation, the blood is drawn to the top-layers of skin to nourish, oxygenate and detoxify the skin. The protein masque nourishes to build collagen and the skin results are very similar to a good 'roll in the hay'.

So if you want to make them wonder what you've been up to...Masque-up and get your glow on.
Skin care that works from the inside out
A remarkable pulsating masque treatment that combines an enzyme-rich masque with a professional peel, Feel this masque working - drawing blood to the surface layers to oxygenate, nourish and detoxify. From the very first treatment, the overall appearance of your skin will be glowing and smooth.
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