Yes, this IS the fundamental sales question! Wes Ley reveals his top reasons why buyers should choose Legacy Steel Doors.
October 14, 2016
"Why Should I Buy Your Door?" (Part 1)
People can go to any Big Box store and pick up a door that's cheaper than what we offer at ProVia. So the question dealers ask the most when it comes to our doors is...

"What makes your door different from everyone else's?

Yes, this IS the fundamental sales question! So I decided to create a series of articles to answer that, and it begins here with Part 1, focused on our Legacy Heavy Duty Steel Doors.
Why Legacy Steel Doors?

Here are my top reasons buyers should choose Legacy Steel Doors:

[ In the photo at the right, Wes Ley shows a corner cut of a Legacy steel door to Wilbur Hershberger at Keim Lumber]

49% More Galvannealed Steel Than a Standard 24-Gauge Door

More steel = More strength. Lots more. If you knock on a typical 24-gauge steel door hard enough, you can actually dent it!  Legacy's 20-gauge steel door is dipped so the entire door is covered, not just sprayed on the exterior side. It's basically a light-commercial door that we use for residential applications. As it's name suggests, Legacy is built to last and resists the typical wear and tear problems you'll find with other steel doors.

Tab and Slot Design is Structurally Sound and Resists Delamination

ProVia uses a tab and slot design where the inside and outside skins are interlocked together to make the door a one-piece unit. Most other steel doors on the market basically have a crimp on the edge of the door and then they fill it with polyurethane which expands, and that's what holds the skins together. Our door is held together without depending on foam for structure. Legacy steel doors are more structurally sound and this manufacturing process also means the skins won't come apart and delaminate.

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Energy Efficiency

ProVia doors are foam filled by a computer driven process that ensures the optimal amount of material for maximum energy efficiency and strength. Our composite top and bottom end caps provide increased rigidity and energy efficiency. Most of our doors are ENERGY STAR® Certified, and if they're not, they can be upgraded with certain options to meet ENERGY STAR criteria.

Ability to Customize

Customization is one of our sweet spots at ProVia, and it really does set us apart. We offer customized door and sidelite widths, and heights in 1⁄8" increments. You can also choose different styles for each side. For example, in the photo above I'm showing a sample with texture on one side and smooth on the other; 6 panel on one side and 2 panel on the other.

"Your Last Door"

I could go on and on, but these are some of the top differentiators I discuss with dealers. Of course I'm not saying our doors are perfect, but we try and make them so you don't have problems down the road. When you buy a Legacy Steel door, we want it to be your last door, not your next door. It's an investment in long-term quality. 

Please contact me if I can provide more information about Legacy Steel Doors.

Wes Ley,
Door Brand Manager, ProVia 
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