Why Stretch?

Stretching is good for us, and yet most of us resist stretching. Stretching is valuable and essential for delivering benefits beyond just warming up or preparing your body for exercise.

The number one reason for stretching is it keeps you young. Stretching prioritizes muscle length, while strength exercise builds muscle, aerobic exercise improves your heart lungs and vascular systems. Stretching helps improve posture and reduce joint pain. Lengthening muscles that have been shortened over time due to poor posture, immobility, injury, disease, and the pull of gravity requires proper stretch on connective tissues called fascia. Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that wraps and supports muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, nerves. When we get injured or engage in repetitive actions that don't have much variety in range of motion, our body over time develops excess fascia between muscle tissue.  

Fascia can wrap healthy tissue much like a spider wraps its prey in a web. This results is limited range of motion, cross-linkages, and fascial adhesions. These adhesions restrict our movement and create unnecessary tension that is dangerous to our joints and muscles. Adhesions have the capacity of creating up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. This intense pressure compromises our youthful physiology and results in chronic pain, and joint dysfunction.

Proper stretching programs address not only the elastin fibers of connective tissue, but also address fascia at deeper levels to alter the fascia substance and construction. You want to break apart the adhesions that age the connective tissue. Stretching techniques properly applied lead to lengthier muscles, pain relief, and fascia that is younger and healthier..  

Consider adding more stretch to your program.  Ask or call the Front Desk,  949 760-9335  for a complimentary appointment for a head to toe Postural and Structural Analysis with Joe Dolcimascolo.    

Robert Burns
Shape-Up Health Club