January 19, 2019
Why Tanner Crab?
Last 2 Days to Order!
Seafood lovers the world over have come to prize the Kodiak Tanner (Giant Snow) crab as one of the most delectable of its crustacean kin. Known for its sweet, delicate flavor, snowy white meat and tender texture, Tanner crab lovers often forego the butter and cocktail sauce to let this amazing flavor shine! 
Tanner crab -  Chionoecetes bairdi  - are carefully managed and only harvested once a year in the Kodiak District of the Gulf of Alaska. This unique fishery provides much needed diversity to Kodiak's small-boat fishing, and Catch 49 is proud to offer such a superb product to you!
Ordering closes in just 2 days - on Sunday, January 20  - so make sure to place your order today! Wild Alaska halibut and sablefish are also available!

Available Now:
Kodiak Tanner Crab
Kodiak Tanner Crab harvested by Charlie Peterson on the F/V Patricia Sue.

For pick-up in Anchorage on Thursday, February 7, and in Fairbanks on Tuesday, February 12.

Available in 17-pound shares.
Why Buy Seafood from Catch 49?

  • Small boat fishermen earn a fair price for their catch
  • Profits fund critical marine conservation projects
  • Support emerging young fishermen in coastal Alaska 
  • Know your fishermen and learn the story of your catch
  • Delicious recipes and cooking tips included

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