This Neuroscientist Explains Why Today's Kids Have Different Brains, via EdSurge

What do educators need to know about neuroplasticity and what should they be doing differently in their classrooms to relate to the current generation of students?

Stephen Noonoo shares insights from neuroscientist David Eagleman in his June 26th article for EdSurge .
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Online October 28 | Instructor: Allison Mackley | Register by October 18
This course examines how to use your teacher presence in virtual instructional environments to humanize online learning. By fostering academic and social connections, teachers can build empathy, personalize learning and increase student motivation. More from the instructor
Online October 29 | Instructor: Teresa Finegan | Register by October 19
Includes a FREE iPad in the cost of the Wilson College course tuition
This intensive course is designed for classroom educators to explore, and practice with, the Apple iPad and how the integration of this device into their practice impacts their teaching, student learning, and classroom dynamics. Participants will also learn the complex nature of how to manage the workflow from student to teacher and back. Within a peer learning model, students will design, implement and evaluate a classroom activity that incorporates one or more apps.
Instructor Spotlight: Allison Mackley and Teresa Finegan
Eduspire Instructor,
Get to know us better: Eduspire's top-notch instructors combine experience, skill, insight, and a passion for education. This week's interview features Allison Mackley —  click here  to read her instructor spotlight profile and learn her favorite ed-tech app and ice cream flavor!

Allison teaches the above-mentioned new course, Humanizing Online Learning , which starts (online) October 28.
We're doubling up this week because of the timing of these wonderful courses, so we're also featuring Teresa Finegan —  click here  to learn more about this long-time member of the Eduspire instructional team!

Teresa teaches the above-mentioned online course, iPads in Education , which starts (online) October 29 (and comes with a free iPad). She also co-teaches the below-mentioned STEAM-azing: The Interdisciplinary Lens for Instruction , starting online in January.
Eduspire Instructor,
Winter/Spring Courses Open for Registration
Trick or treat, gobble gobble, deck the halls, and happy new year — this last part of the year has so much action and goes so fast! Although our great selection of fall courses is still in full swing, it's never too early to start planning ahead. If you've put off your professional development for the 2019 portion of the school year, you can now browse the available courses and start making your plans. Some are listed below, but click here to browse all .
Online January 20 | Instructor: Arlin Roth

This course focuses on transforming instruction for a 1:1 class environment. Strategies will be presented for developing daily instructional plans that embed local-level technology into the curriculum content and ISTE standards.
Online January 20 | Instructors: Teresa Finegan and Ken Kay

Explore the connection between science, technology, engineering, art and math. STEAM develops a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative, and creative skills that students can use in all areas of their lives. Participants will learn about STEAM initiatives, investigate interdisciplinary connections, evaluate resources and create lessons.
Online January 27 | Instructor: Dayna Laur

Develop real-world connections to your content through project-based learning. The course reaches beyond the typical checklist approach to PBL and prepares teachers to implement relevant challenges that take students to deeper levels of learning.
Online February 4 | Instructor: Katie Wagaman

This course will research appropriate technology for students with Autism in the classroom. It directs participants in exploring technology tools that are the most suitable to support students with Autism. It provides instruction and practice utilizing a variety of tools, and how to monitor and modify instruction for student success.
Online February 10 | Instructor: Ashley Tomchick

This course will research and define adaptive technology for struggling students and its application to the classroom. It directs participants in correlating adaptive technology tools/apps/extensions for compliance with student plans and integration of standards into curriculum. Provides instruction and practice in creation of projects using adaptive technology tools/apps/extensions. 
And many more excellent options!
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