NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 - Issue 11 - October 28, 2019
O ur Mission: To provide, with reverence, practical karmic astrological information
to help our readers with significant life issues concerning
relationships, work and personal/spiritual growth.  
New Transformations
by Linda Brady

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” J.K. Rowling

Today, October 28 th the Sun and Moon are joining together in the sign of Scorpio. This New Moon aspect symbolizes a new beginning and another opportunity to experience, on an emotional level, the intense energy of Scorpio. Answering the following questions will help you understand and concretize any life issues related to this sign.

Which emotional beliefs have been challenged? 

  • Do you feel more or less in control?
  • Has chaos overwhelmed you?
  • Have you or anyone close to you been angry, resentful or scared?
  • Do you know your wants and desires? Are they manifesting? If not, why?
  • Do you intimidate others or have you been intimidated by others?
  • Are you scared without a reason to be?
  • Do you process your life’s experience through an extreme filter?

Pay attention to your emotional reactions located in your body. Scorpio is about our emotions, not our thoughts. You may notice your groin center, the chakra at the base of your spine, may be energized by many of those words. Emotions at this chakra are fear and anger. It can produce unconscious memories of past life terrors of being victimized. The resulting karmic anger and mistrust may lead to a negative view of life that needs to be made conscious to be resolved.
Groin Center Meditation
by Linda Brady
Scorpio is the astrological sign that rules the groin center, or the 1 st chakra. Since the groin center is located at the base of our ethereal body, it is the most difficult to access through intellectual processes. It must be entered through our physical body. Michael and I have been using the following meditation for many years. It has proven effective to bring groin center memories to consciousness. Find a comfortable place to sit with your back side against a tree (or something wooden). Feel the energy of the tree coming into the base of your spine. Change the energy into a deep burgundy. Allow it to enter your groin center and encircle the chakra. Pay attention to how it feels. You can be surprised when the color changes into a feeling or a visual. Bring that energy up your body and release it back into the wood. You are releasing old toxins from your groin center. Do this meditation three times a week and see how you feel. The consciousness of this experience will help answer your Scorpio questions. Feel the power and energy of Scorpio by experiencing Niagara Falls. I am sure you can find it on YouTube. If you have actually visited the Falls remember how it felt. Program your dreams to discover your own connection to your unconscious life.

The Real Meaning of Halloween
by Linda Brady

Hallows is the real origin of Halloween. It’s a time of year when the Sun is at fifteen degrees Scorpio, which is a mid-point astrologically. It usually occurs in the first week of November. This mid-point has been celebrated by the Pagans for thousands of years. The Christians turned it into Halloween on All Saint’s Eve. According to the Pagans and astrologers, it’s a time when the veil between this reality and the other reality is at its thinnest, so it’s a time when we have opportunities to connect with other Souls who have gone before.

That is part of what Scorpio is about - understanding the mysteries of death. We store memories in our unconscious mind about everything we’ve been through, and since we’ve been on "The Other Side" so many times before, we can go into our unconscious mind and retrieve those memories. The Native Americans say that this plane, the Earth, is a dream and "The Other Side" is reality. To me, "The Other Side" is a reality that is as important as the Earth reality. For me "The Other Side" is my home. This reality, the Earth reality, is where I come to learn and grow. Every year we have an opportunity to explore this other reality.
On My Mind -
by Michael Brady

In 1972 I was 21 years old. I was back from having done a tour of duty in Vietnam in the Navy. I was married one year and I was in my second year of college. On March 29, 1973 the last U.S. troops pulled out of Saigon, Vietnam. On August 9, 1974 Richard Nixon resigned as President, in the face of an impeachment hearing. In January 1978 Terry Kath, of the band Chicago, died unexpectedly from an accidental discharge of a hand gun.
Coming back to 1972, I first heard the song Dialogue by Chicago on the album Chicago V. Terry Kath and Peter Cetera engaged in a dialogue with each other about the turbulent divisiveness of the time we were all in. Terry Kath is speaking about what’s wrong in the world and the need to change things. And Peter Cetera is saying how everything is fine. The 2 nd part of the song chants: “we can make it better; we can change the world now; we can save the children; we can make it happen.”
It ends abruptly with, “we can make it hap.”
You should YouTube the song and listen to it for yourself. For me, at the age of 21 and all thru my 6 college years & first 4 years of working in Psychology/Psychiatry, this song haunted me. I always felt the need to make things change. Anger, longing, desperation, sadness, fear, it was all there for me. This one song in particular helped push me internally to meet the challenges of completing school, and working in mental health. I really did want to change the world. In hind sight I wanted to change the world so I could change me! Change me from insecure, uncertain, angry, scared, lonely, confused, and alienated. I spent most of the 1970’s and part of the 1980’s trying to change me by changing the world. I was a “crusader rabbit.” To some degree it worked. I didn’t change the world much but I made some progress. I got tired though, along the way. And eventually I shifted my emphasis to changing me. Changing me first! I stopped trying to change the world. Somewhere around 1985 – 1986, I stumbled onto a book entitled, The Evolution of Cooperation by Robert Axelrod. Read more...
by Karen Krull
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