Trump Voters Need to Turn Out for the Ohio Primary . . .

Or the Democrats are Going to Pick YOUR Republican Candidates!

The Republican primary race to pick the presidential nominee for November is over! Despite what FoxNews and the anti-Trump establishment try to tell you, Nikki Halley is going to lose her home state of South Carolina by 30% or more and has never been a serious candidate. Trump is the Republican nominee and when he sweeps all eleven primaries on Super Tuesday there will be no doubt.

So if you are an Ohio Trump supporter, you may be thinking “Why should I take the time to vote in the March 19th Ohio Republican Primary when Trump has already won the nomination?” You may rationalize that by thinking “I will wait to vote in November when my vote will really count!”

Here is why your thinking could not be more wrong. Unlike 2016 and 2020 when a Trump victory in Ohio was in doubt, there is no doubt Trump is going to win Ohio in 2024 - probably by 10-12 percent. However, if Trump is going to be able to “Make America Great Again”, if we can elect him President again, we in Ohio have a huge national responsibility that requires your vote not just in November but in the March 19th Primary. What is that responsibility? We have to take back control of the US Senate by defeating Sherrod Brown. WE MUST REPLACE SHERROD BROWN! Plus, we have to increase our slim hold on the US House by gaining as many as three new US House seats and upgrading two more in Ohio. We have to elect conservatives in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate plus County officials like Sheriffs and local officials.

Why is that more important this year than in the past? First of all, Trump needs to “fundamentally change” our federal government if elected and he needs much more than executive orders this time - he needs legislation. There is no legislation if we don’t take control of the US Senate and increase our control of the US House. Defeating Sherrod Brown gives us the critical 51st vote to take control of the Senate. But consider this, Trump has promised to deport all 10 million illegals Biden has let into our nation in the past three years and he is going to need the support - not the obstruction - of state and local authorities to do so! If you don’t vote in the primary for conservative Pro-Trump, MAGA, America First candidates at the state and local levels then YOU are letting Trump down by not helping him implement deportations and other reforms in Ohio!

Then consider this serious concern. The Democrats, who scream all the time that they are “Defending Democracy”, have RIGGED their own party primary elections to prevent Democrat voters from having a vote by not allowing anyone to running against clueless Joe Biden and Communist Sherrod Brown or anyone else on their ballot. Why should you care? You should care because Ohio law allows Democrats to cross over on election day to vote in the Republican Primary. 

Remember this from the 2022 Republican Primary:

That’s right, the Democrats can pick the Republican candidate in the general election if they turn out in big enough numbers to swing the vote in the primary. With control of the US Senate and the US Congress at stake, the Left is organizing tens of thousands of Democrat to cross over and vote in the Republican Primary. They know Trump has endorsed Bernie Moreno for Senate so they are going to come in and vote one of either Frank LaRose or Matt Dolan to defeat Moreno in the Primary! With a three way race, and a split Republican vote, if Trump supporters do not show up and vote for Moreno the Democrats could elect a weaker Republican to go against Sherrod Brown!!!

It get’s worse. Take the Ohio 2nd Congressional District down by Cincinnati, where 11 Candidates are competing to replace Republican Brad Wenstrup. The last time we had a Congressional primary with that many candidate was in 2016 when Warren Davidson won just 32.5% of the vote, with only 43,602 votes, to defeat a field of 15 candidates! This time, a real Anti-MAGA Democrat is running as a Republican in that Primary, Phil Heimlich, and the left will have tens of thousands of Democrats cross over and vote for him when they cross over to vote in the Republican Senate Primary and could actually elect him!! Then he can go to Congress and vote against every thing Trump needs to do! That is why Trump supporters must turn out in DROVES in the March 19th Primary because if you don’t the Dems are going to give you bad choices in the General in November!

This is also going to happen in Ohio House and Senate races where the Democrat Unions are giving millions to Democrat/RINO Speaker Jason Stephens to make sure that the Blue 22 Traitors who stopped us from implementing our conservative agenda are re-elected! The left is going to instruct Democrats who to vote for - in the Republican Primary - all the way down the ticket!!! Which is why pro-Trump voters need to show up and make sure that only REAL REPUBLICANS win in the Republican Primary! 

Am I making sense? Am I changing your mind? Will you talk to your friends and family who may be thinking that they don’t need to vote in the Primary and make sure that they do vote on March 19th or before? Will you pass the word and help make sure that MAGA OWNS the Ohio Republican Primary on March 19th!!! 

If you want to know who to vote for you can go to our two main websites for our recommendations. Go to for our picks for Ohio Federal Candidates. Go to for our picks for Ohio State and Local Candidates. You can also click here to go to The Ohio Liberator List which will give you a lot of information about solid conservative candidates.

The bottom line is YOU MUST VOTE in the Republican Primary because President Trump is counting on you to elect the people who will help him “Make America Great Again”! It is NOW or NEVER! The fate of our State and our Nation are at stake!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski


We the People Convention

The We the People Convention and our Ohio Citizens PAC have ENDORSED ALL 17 of these Patriots to DEFEAT the Blue 22 Traitors in the Republican Primary!

We ask all Ohio Patriots to look at this list to see if you have someone running in your House District. If so, we ask that you seek out our WTPC Endorsed candidate to donate to their campaign and volunteer to help get them elected. We also ask that you share this email with everyone you know in the state so that they can see that We the People are taking action to replace those who so callously stole our votes and gave them to the Democrats last year! On March 19th of this year - ALL 17 of our candidates must win the Primary and avenge our stolen votes! That only happens if YOU donate to them, you work for their campaign, you ask others to vote for them, and YOU VOTE FOR THEM!

Click to Donate to the Ohio Citizens PAC to Help Elect these Candidates!

As an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation, the We the People Convention has the legal authority to endorse candidates in State and Federal elections based on the Citizens United case which was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States on January 21, 2010. The Ohio Citizens PAC is an official Ohio State PAC registered with the Ohio Secretary of State.

My Fellow Ohio Patriots, I am writing today (1/5/23), to inform you of the betrayal this week by 22 "TRAITOR RINOS" whom we elected state wide just two months ago and to ask for your help in removing them from office.This Tuesday, their was a Coup conducted by the RINO Republicans in the Ohio House, as we had warned you on Monday, to take our votes for a 67 Seat Ohio House REPUBLICAN SUPER MAJORITY and turn our Ohio House of Representatives over to the Democrats. 

All of the 67 Ohio House "Republicans" that we elected in November voted to elect Conservative Derek Merrin to be the New House Speaker in a Republican Caucus Meeting right after the November election. EVERY Republican at that meeting gave their commitment to vote for Conservative Derek Merrin when the new house convened in January.

Then on Tuesday (1/5/23), a John Kasich orchestrated and Democrat Union financed Coup was conducted where 22 of the 67 Republicans broke their word and voted with 32 Democrats to elect not Conservative Derek Merrin but RINO Jason Stephen as Speaker!

That’s Right. The minority 33 Democrats out of 99 House member NOW, thanks to these Republican RINO Traitors, are now the MAJORITY of the Majority in control of the Ohio House! None of the conservative policies that those 22 Republican Traitors ran on, like medical freedom, ending CRT indoctrination in our schools, limiting abortion in Ohio, new gun laws, the backpack bill, and more are now NOT going to pass this Ohio House because the RINO Speaker is dependent on Democrat Votes to keep his position.

Here is a list of the 22 RINO TRAITORS with their House Districts:

This type of betrayal cannot just be accepted by those of us who's votes were just thrown away. We must, and we will, take action to replace all 22 of these Republican in Name Only RINO’s in the Primary election that is just a year away.

I am calling on Ohio Conservatives to do two things:

First, if you donated to, volunteered for, or voted for any of these RINO TRAITORS call or write to them and tell them that you are disappointed that they broke their promise to vote for the Conservative Derek Merrin and voted with the Democrats! Then tell them that you will not vote for them, donate to them, or work for them in the Republican Primary next year!

Second, I am asking for your help to recruit a candidate to run for Ohio House against the RINO TRAITOR in your House District primary next year. Anyone who lives in the District (Click to See House District Map) who is serious about running against them, with our support, in the primary should contact your County Republican Party Chairman immediately and also send us an email with your contact information and the District you want to run in to [email protected].

It is long past time that we made sure that phony "Republicans" paid a price for lying to the voters and representing their own interests instead of enacting the conservative governance they promised. I am sure that they will take lots of Democrat and RINO money to try and keep their positions next year. The time and place to defeat them is in the March 19, 2024 Primary and I would hope the you will help us do that!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski


We the People Convention

p.s. - Did you ever wonder why no one else ever tells you about these important things going on in Ohio that so dramatically affect you and our state??? Thank the members of the We the People Convention whose donations pay for these emails and text messages and our other efforts to keep you informed!

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