Why Use Open Questions?
An open question is a question for which there isn’t one correct answer. Or, to say it a bit differently, an open question is one for which there could be several, even many, “correct” answers. This month, Professor Thomas Kock helps us to see three possible reasons open questions can be so useful in the adult educator’s toolbox.

Professor Thomas Kock serves as professor of education and Old Testament at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. He previously served as a home missionary and pastor in Johnson City, Tennessee.
They never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah. Acts 5:42
Adult Education: Additum
Intergenerational Education in the Church: Parental Benefits of Learning Alongside Children

Intergenerational Bible studies offer another option for a congregation to have parents and children grow together spiritually. In this paper Pastor Joshua Jensen explores the learning benefits intergenerational education provides to parents as an argument for its congregational use. Through secular studies, historical themes, and Scriptural support, intergenerational education shows itself to be a necessary consideration within a church’s Christian education program as it serves the Christian parent.

Teaching Toolbox
Tips for Entering and Staying With Tough Dialogue

Some conversations in a Bible study can be difficult because of the topic, a person’s history, society’s influences, etc. But the toughest conversations often offer the most important learning. Sometimes we really need to enter the conversations we work hardest to avoid. Tough conversations can be hard to navigate and risky. So how do we “go there” in a healthy way? Jeanette Romkema offers some tips for entering and staying with tough dialogue. Tough dialogue ought not to be feared, and can bear gifts to those who dare the journey. (Ed. - Please realize that Romkema is writing for a secular audience, so some of her suggestions might not completely work for us. Nevertheless, many of them might be helpful.)

Curriculum Connection

Who wasn’t in worship at a Christmas service? Someone who has not been in worship in the last year or more? A new year can bring a new sense of urgency to reach out to those who have strayed from God’s house. My Brother's Keeper , a Bible study by Tim Gumm, is intended to assist members of the congregation and church elders in fostering love and concern for fellow members, especially those who are drifting away.

Teaching Tip

Learners need to know when they will need to use the new content. If you can highlight that they will need it this week when they are at work, in their home, or out with their friends, engagement will be higher. You help this by: 1) always being specific about the time and place something can be used i.e. “This week when you are at work, you could…” 2) making final decisions at the end of a session specific to their day-to-day life. i.e. “Think of decision you need to make at the end of this week, …”

- Adapted with permission from Global Learning Partners, Inc. www.globallearningpartners.com.”
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This conference for women writers provides an opportunity to explore the diverse opportunities in the world of writing and publishing. Attendees will meet other women who are seeking to use writing gifts for God’s glory.

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