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Dear colleague,
While the time at home with family may have been a nice change at first, we think it's fair to say that most of us are pretty excited to start seeing a few familiar faces. That doesn't mean large gatherings or group in-person meetings will be resuming anytime soon, but there are still plenty of ways we can connect with one another while staying "safer at home."

In fact, short videos are a fantastic way to engage your target audience remotely. They are quick, cost-effective, and the creative options are endless. The demand for video content has been growing steadily for several years now, and we anticipate the current situation will only strengthen that demand further.

We invite you to read on to learn more about how video content can help your organization connect with target audiences while influencing customer behaviors.

Stay healthy and safe,

Natalie J. Miller & Jessica H. Ouwerkerk
Evoque recently created a series of short slideshow videos for the City of Fountain's utilities departments. These fun videos highlight water and energy-related concepts the City needed to educate customers on, such as how to save water indoors and the importance of practicing electrical safety. Providing simple tips and resources makes it easy for customers to implement behavior changes at home.

Videos like these are cost-effective and can be produced fairly quickly. More importantly, they're a fun way to educate customers and raise awareness of key topics. This is just one type of video Evoque can create for your organization to help you engage your target audience. Read on for more ideas!
People reacting to video
Here are some of the most popular types of videos government and nonprofit organizations are using to engage customers. The type of video you choose to create will depend on your organization's unique goals.

  1. Organization overview video. Introduce customers to your organization and the vital services you provide to the community.
  2. How-to video. Show customers how to do something specific by breaking it down into simple steps.
  3. Key issues video. Discuss a key issue customers are concerned about to educate audiences and show you care.
  4. Programs/services video. Educate customers about key program offerings and services to increase participation in under-utilized programs.
  5. Employee spotlight video. Put a face to your organization by highlighting a few employees who play an important role in providing service to the community.

Whatever type of video you choose, it can be completely tailored to your demographic, messaging, budget and timeline. Please reach out to us directly to chat about your video needs and how we can assist!
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