July 2019
Why We Do It
Marcus Engel

Friends, every so often, I get a note with a story that just knocks me over. This is one of them. And because I could never retell it better than the writer does - here it is.  
Dear Marcus, I just had to share my experience. 
Flashback to 2015, I had the pleasure of hearing your story and meeting you at the hospital where I work. Your story has always stuck with me working in the medical field. I have been blessed to be at home with my children for the past 2 years. Recently, I went back to work - again in the medical Field. My position isn't clinical, it's clerical. Your story has stayed with me. 
I was driving to work last Thursday and came up on a horrible accident. A motorcycle hit a truck at a very high speed. Unfortunately, it was fatal for the motorcycle rider. But when I arrived, he still had a pulse & was breathing.

We started CPR but all the while your story was in the back of my mind and in my heart. So, I started thinking this poor young man is probably scared, lost in his own mortality and may not even know where he is. I started to talk to him & assure him "I'm here." I told him that he wasn't alone and that I would stay with him until help arrived or as long as I needed to. Unfortunately, moments later he passed. But, I feel like maybe, just maybe he felt just a little more at ease knowing he wasn't alone. 
I am sure this is not the only time you have ever heard this but....... thank you for sharing your story. By sharing your story, you not only touched my life but this young gentleman's as well. 
Friends, THIS is the I'm Here Movement. THIS is why I do what I do. THIS is why our organization is committed to its purpose. This is why hospitals and educational institutions and healthcare organizations around the country invite us in. To remind us all that it doesn't matter if you're a clinical professional, a student or simply a human being. We can all do this

We all have the ability to help ease another's suffering just by being present and communicating that presence to another human being.
Notes like this let me know I'm doing the right thing with my life... but you don't have to receive these types of letters to be assured you're doing something meaningful. Just recognizing that another person is suffering is the first step. Past that, it's simply being aware and attentive to the experiences of other human beings and communicating your presence.
My summer wish is that you'll take time to stop, observe, attune to others and see that you, too, have the power to change lives. Thank you, Tammy, for what you did along that roadway for that young man. You gave him the best gift possible. 

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