Together We Can
Sharing Time,Talent, & Treasure

Gracious God of compassion and love who gave us his only son for our salvation: Give to us, the people of Faith Episcopal Church, the wisdom and guidance to be generous in all our thoughts, actions, and desires as we discern the ways that we are being called to support Faith Church for the continuation of your work through and among us; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen

Why We Give to Faith Church
by Richard & Linda Grieco
Richard : I don’t feel as if I give to Faith Episcopal Church…I believe I give to God, but Faith Church is the conduit to do God’s work. I believe I give to Faith Church to do God’s work. I’m proud to be associated with a church that has many Missions both locally and abroad.

Linda : I give to Faith Church because it is my “home” and where I feel God’s presence and see His work in action. It is where my priorities are brought back into focus each week and prepares me to go into a new week with the power of restoration and forgiveness. That being said, I am the worrier, budget keeper, and long-term planner of the family. As a young married couple with 2 children, we put each other through college. With no car, Richard hitchhiked to school and work. I washed diapers, jeans, and sheets by hand on a washboard. I had a tight fist on our money. Truthfully, we always gave to our churches because Richard “made me do it!” Faith Church has been with our family through many, many dark days and bright blessings. Faith was stabilizing in our sometimes-fragile daily life. It was a place of acceptance and support. At one point we had to decide which widowed son we would move near and had difficulty deciding. As we weighed the pros and cons, membership at Faith Church was a huge factor in deciding to stay in Cameron Park. Richard and I worked in the health and rehabilitation fields and had hoped to join the Peace Corp in early retirement. Health and family obligations have prevented that, but Faith Church has given us another avenue to serve. We are amazed at all the Mission work being done in our own community. Now I give to Faith Church because “I want to” rather than “Richard made me do it”. I want to see our building maintained, our staff and programs grow, and God’s Word and work spread. I want others to experience the blessings that being a part of Faith Church bestows. Amazingly, my tight fist has opened.

"Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received ." 1 Peter 4:10