Before you move on to today's update, I want to welcome those of you who joined my writer updates after my email last Friday telling my photography followers that my photo website will be closing in October.
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Why do you write?
I couldn’t cope if I didn’t write. Growing up it became my defense mechanism. That has long passed. I still write to release stress, but now it isn’t the only reason. I’m sure you’ve seen an overflowing water bucket. That’s what happens to me. I receive these messages, these thoughts that must be get out. When I wrote Wisdom and Life, my spiritual blog, I maintained that I was simply a conduit, that while I typed the words, the thoughts came from a higher plane. Now that I’m back to writing fiction, I’m still convinced that I’m just conduit. Like that overflowing water bucket however if I don’t put the thoughts I receive onto paper/screen, they will continue to haunt me. I must write now for a completely different reason than relieving the stress of my youth. If I don’t continue writing, the thoughts from that higher plane will overwhelm me much like sharing my thoughts on faith and spirituality must be done or I will experience the same overflow
And the added self-imposed deadline of wanting to be published every two years is an excellent motivator.

But what do people do who don’t create?
Last month I ran into an old friend who attended a writer’s group with me in the 1990s and we talked about that very thing. I’ve brought the subject up with a few friends who create now, and we are all at a loss to find an answer. I think because we are so caught up in the process, we simply can’t find our way to an answer. 
For myself, I understand the moment I stop writing, that’s the moment I will lose all sense of who I am. That’s the moment I will become unglued. 
I must write to stay centered.
How about you?
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