Mobility in healthcare is flourishing ; making life easier for direct care workers and their patients. Mobile applications in the healthcare industry have  improved  patient care and reduced the complexity in medical treatment procedures . DCI Software tailors mobile application solutions to ensure efficiency  in direct care service and quality medical treatment.
Adopting Healthcare Mobility Solutions for Direct Care Workers
Growing Mobility in Healthcare

Currently, healthcare mobility is segmented into different sectors, creating massive voids between regions, applications, services and devices. To improve upon the services offered by a healthcare provider, universal programs and applications are needed. These applications, when used in conjunction with mobile devices, barcode scanners and others, make it possible to not only affect the current marketplace, but drive it towards a more mobile platform.
The Growth of Mobile Technology

Just about everything in the tech industry is going mobile. More Internet searches are performed over mobile devices and more videos are watched on Smartphones than on computers. The growing trend will affect every single industry in some shape or form, including healthcare. 

*according to Search Engine Land, 68% of health related searches between April 20 and May 7, 2017 were done on a mobile device. 
Chronic Care Management

Individuals suffering from chronic conditions often need continual care, or at the very least assistance readily available. Mobile technology makes this possible. By implementing mobile devices, bar code scanners, RFID scanners and other devices, it becomes easier for patients to receive care without leaving their residence. Medical records can be easily accessible while complying with patient privacy regulations, improving quality of care while safeguarding information.
For mobility solutions tailored to direct care workers and agencies, consider DCI's fully integrated software.
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