ENewsletter - April 2019
Why You Need a Marketing Plan

Your business has been up and running for many years - why do you need (or need to update) a Marketing Plan?

As technology advances, it often impacts how a business operates, their market, how their customers shop and purchase and where they get their information. It's critical to anticipate changes and be ready for them.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are often distracted by new shiny things. When company leaders are bombarded by so many options, it's easy to be side-tracked by new ideas that can take you off track. A Marketing Plan can keep you focused on your direction. Every decision you make should be weighed against your plan.

New cool ideas that may be helpful in the future can be parked on a back burner for future consideration, but for now - if something doesn't advance your plan, you must have the discipline to pass on it. A marketing plan is a written reminder of your chosen path.

A good marketing plan will require you to think about the following:

  • what exactly do you do?
  • who is your customer?
  • what are your differentiators?
  • is your messaging consistent with your purpose and value?
  • how do your customers get their information?
  • what are your competitors doing?
  • what changes do you see in your marketplace?
  • what do you do well?
  • what could you do better?
  • do you have the infrastructure you need to serve your customers?
  • what new markets are you targeting?
  • what tactics are you employing to reach that market?
  • who is responsible for each task in your organization?
  • what and how will you measure success?

These and many more considerations will help you to to determine what you need to accomplish your goals. Visible Communication has helped many firms develop a marketing plan and stick to it. Contact me to get started!

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