What is the RGCA Marketplace?
Think of it as a virtual exhibit hall. We’ll be on Zoom, and the participating supporting members will each have their own breakout room. Retail members can visit the different rooms to meet with our supporting members.

What will the atmosphere be?
The Marketplace will be fairly informal – you can visit as many or as few supporting members as you like. (Though there are incentives to visit many – more on that below.) Just pop into a room to meet the various supporting member representatives, learn what they do, and ask questions. There's no formal agenda, and you can enter a room at any point during the hour. Our staff will be there to help you navigate.

Why is RGCA doing this?
Well, we haven’t had any physical conference or trade shows in over a year. But we’re not doing this just to do it - we have some new members who aren’t familiar with the services offered by our supporting members, and even veteran members are always looking to learn what products, trends, and innovations are available.

Why are there so many sessions?
For two reasons. First, we’re offering both morning (10am CT) and afternoon (2pm CT) sessions to accommodate for our members in different time zones. The same companies will be represented at the morning and the afternoon sessions. (Though if you visit in the morning and feel you need to visit again, or get to vendors you missed the first time, you’re certainly welcome to return.)

Second, we want to make sure there are a manageable number of supporting members at each session. It would be impossible to visit everyone in an hour if we just did one session. While we hope you’ll come all three days, you can certainly focus on the areas that are most important to you.
  • Monday, April 5: Card Production - PVC & Paper
  • Tuesday, April 6: B2B & B2C - Fulfilment; Distribution
  • Wednesday, April 7: Packaging and Marketing; Legal, Research, and/or Data

How do I get in?
First, register here. On Friday, we’ll send the info with Zoom links and the final supporting member schedule. (We’ll send updates Monday-Wednesday as needed). Have questions? Email Megan or Quincy and we’ll help out.

Can I invite colleagues?
Definitely! If you want to invite someone from your company not on your current membership roster, let Megan or Quincy know and we’ll help with their registration.

You mentioned something about incentives – what’s that about?
Just like at an in-person trade show, we’re doing a drawing! Retail members get one entry for each breakout they visit during the course of April 5-7. We’ll draw three winners, who get to choose one of the following prizes:

Sounds like an awesome event, I’m in!
Excellent, we’ll see you next week!

Take a look at some of the great Supporting Member companies that have already signed up to participate (Supporting Members, if you're not listed contact Megan at mflanagan@thergca.org ASAP to sign up!)