Why You Should Include Tin in Your Finishes Portfolio

by Cliff Riley, C.E.F
Technical Sales Engineer

Are you looking to expand the surface finishing options you offer clients? Are you prospecting for new clients? When choosing to expand your plating processes what factors come to mind? Cost? Market for process? Robust system? Application? Waste?

Please allow me to introduce to you TECHNIBRITE™ SN 200 bright acid tin plating system! The TECHNIBRITE SN 200 system is a terrific addition to broaden your plating capabilities. The system produces exceptional brightness and leveling while maintaining exceptional solderability.

Why Tin?
Tin plating is used for several key reasons:     
  • Solderability; ease with which a soldered joint can be made to the metal substrate
  • High Conductivity (i.e. low electrical resistivity)
  • Corrosion Protection byisolating the base metal from the environment
  • Economical metal relative to other metals with similar characteristics such as silver, gold or platinum.
Tin is used in many different industries such as aerospace, food services, electronics, automotive, telecommunication, jewelry, as well as FDA-approved processes. Each are focal points and vital for the economic stability of our nation.
Given the wide-ranging and essential use of tin, marketing this versatile finish provides you with opportunity to broaden your client base.