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October 2013
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Why You Should Never 
Use Hand Sanitizers



Hand sanitizer dispensers are everywhere.  Some people carry them in their purses.  Mothers rub their children's hands multiple times per day.  People have become paranoid about getting germs.  But the reality is that the natural world is not sterile and that we are supposed to be exposed to bacteria.  It is the only way to challenge our immune system so as to adapt and develop fully.


What is more important is that the chemical in hand sanitizers is dangerous.  Most of the brands have an ingredient called Triclosan.  It is also found in mouthwash and toothpaste.  This chemical is absorbed through the skin and interferes with our hormones.


The key hormone it affects is the thyroid, leading to fatigue, muscle aches, and weight gain.  It also interferes with testosterone and estrogen.  


Over half of my patients are low in hormones.  This isn't the only cause, but it could be one of the important ones when using hand sanitizers.  The other big cause of hormone disregulation is fluoride.


Hormones are the key to longevity and anti-aging.  Through diet and supplements and elimination of hormone dysregulators, one stands a good chance to maintaining a good hormone balance.  But many of you will need anti-aging hormone creams.  I am not referring to bio-identicals because I have seen too many imbalances develop from these, in fact, most test very bad on this type of therapy. I carry the best anti-aging homeopathic hormone creams that have proven to regulate even the worst cases I have seen.


Make an appointment to see me and get tested for hormone dysregulation and the causes.  Remember, low hormones can result in a broken "will" to exercise or to maintain a good diet, leading to depression, and chronic fatigue.


If you still want to use a hand sanitizer, we can order you a non toxic one.




Dr. Edward Wagner D.C


Wagner Holistic Center
17383 Sunset Blvd. Suite #230
Pacific Palisades, California 90272