The hotel referendum is not about politics.  
It is about our future as a city. 
VOTE YES BECAUSE: Stopping the hotel does not solve our traffic woes, but it would deprive Miami  Beach of millions of dollars that could be used to build transportation solutions.

The root causes of Miami Beach traffic are outside of our 7-mile city boundaries.

To adapt, we need intelligent traffic signal control, new intercept garages at the causeways for hospitality and construction workers, with new workforce shuttles to take those workers to job sites, we need more trolleys, and more parking garages.

VOTE YES BECAUSE: The hotel is a necessary component of our long term strategy for a vital economy.

Numerous conventions have told us they will come to Miami Beach only if we have a convention center hotel:

  • International Chiefs of Police  - 15,000 attendees and 6500 rooms 
  • American Society For Therapeutic Radiation Oncology  - 12,000 attendees and 7500 rooms peak 
  • American Academy of Dermatology  - 19,000 attendees and 8100 rooms peak
  • American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) - 19,000 Attendees

These are the kind of conferences that people will fly in for, spend money while they are here, and hopefully bring their families back on vacation.

VOTE YES BECAUSE:  Voting YES brings with it a beautiful 6-acre park. 

This project replaces the giant concrete parking lot pad with a huge green park that would connect the Holocaust Museum and Botanical Gardens to Lincoln Road, while still gaining more than 300 additional parking spaces for a total of more than 1100 parking spaces.

VOTE YES BECAUSE: The lease will provide Miami Beach with funds for vital projects.

The annual lease and tax payments will be evenly split towards funding our community's most crucial needs:
  • 25% Flood mitigation/storm water drainage initiatives
  • 25% Transit improvements
  • 25% Undergrounding utility projects
  • 25% Education improvements 

No one should vote against this project to avoid a couple of years of inconvenience caused by a construction project.  This hotel will benefit our city for decades to come!  We will work with the developer to keep shift changes outside of rush hour time periods, and work out plans to make sure workers do NOT park in our neighborhoods. 

I sincerely hope that you will vote YES #60, and ask all your friends and neighbors to do the same!



Please vote YES #60 and YES #62 today!
Moving Miami Beach Forward Together!
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