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There's lots of  talk about the economy and its direction next year. Whether you think it is a recession or just a bit of inflation, this is when you want to increase your marketing budget because it will take more advertising and marketing to get the same number of prospects you've gotten in the past. Two articles below address the economy and what you should do. Good reads to plan for the near future.


If you are hiring Gen Z workers, one article will shed light on how to reach them. It may not be the way you think.


Have a good Labor Day! We all deserve it. :) 



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How to Create an Effective Social Media Contest

You want to create a buzz around your business. Social media platforms have the power to help you reach new audiences and grow your business.

And social media contests for small businesses generate demand by getting people excited about your brand, increasing the rate they’re talking about you and sharing your content.

This is how you get started...

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Marketing During a Recession

When economic times are tough, and sales are declining, you may be tempted to cut your marketing budget in a bid to save money. This strategy may yield some short-term savings, but when you scale back your marketing in a recession, your online visibility can take a major blow. You risk dropping off the radar of potential clients — and setting yourself up for a competitive disadvantage — by dropping out of the search results. Companies that need to reduce their budget should do so strategically, and prioritize sales-boosting marketing efforts...Read More>>>

8 Ideas to Grow Your Business During a Recession

Implementing these strategies can reduce adverse financial effects when the recession hits. They can help you successfully navigate acquiring new customers, restructure your marketing budget and build customer loyalty.

1. Increase Your Marketing Budget and Advertising Spend

It’s vital to remember that during a recession, loyal customers are your primary source of cash flow and organic growth. When the economy is stable, it...Read More>>>

If you aren’t marketing to your customers and prospects by email, you need to start today! Using Marketing Pathways as your email marketing agency will provide you with an experienced and skillful team of experts in email marketing services.

We will work with you to create an exciting direct marketing campaign that will resonate with your target market through our extensive email marketing services. Then you sit back and relax while we complete the work. It’s that easy.

How Brands Can Benefit From Web3

Why Is Web3 Important for Business?

Right now, four signals point toward a very possible change in the direction of the future.\

The first signal is evident when looking through the lens of topical relevance in general conversation.

If you use Google Trends to compare the online conversation around the term Web3 to the conversation around Justin Bieber (one of the world’s most popular musicians), you’ll see that the conversation around Web3 is...Read More>>>

5 Myths Marketers Got Wrong About Gen Z, According to Data & Our Gen Z Intern

To be honest, Gen Z can feel like foreign territory to all. Even myself, born in 2001. Although I'm smack in the middle of the TikTok, middle-part wearing generation, I don't always fully understand the trends we start, stop, or totally cancel.

Even though I'm no genius when it comes to how to market to our generation, I can tell you it’s pretty obvious when marketers try too hard to sell to us. It often feels too ...Read More>>>

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