Newsletter Issue 77 • April 2019
Why a Healthy Start is Key to Future Prosperity
Good nutrition is critical to the future well-being of entire nations. When children are well-nourished, their bodies and brains can reach their full potential, which means they have a better chance of finishing school, fighting illnesses, and escaping the cycle of poverty.
Good nutrition doesn’t just mean having access to nutritious foods. Safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, access to quality health services, as well as affordable food that is safe to eat and accessible year round are fundamental to the nutrition and health of communities. By taking a holistic approach to diet quality and nutrition, Feed the Future invests in the current and future productivity and health of partner countries to help them advance in their development journeys to a day when they no longer need assistance.
By prioritizing nutrition, sustainable safe drinking water and sanitation services, and hygiene behaviors across the initiative, Feed the Future has helped 3.4 million more children escape the devastating, life-long consequences of poor nutrition early in life. Our efforts also empower people, particularly women, with information, skills and resources to improve their families’ and communities’ diets and nutrition throughout life.
As diets continue to shift rapidly around the world, we are adapting our approach to leverage emerging opportunities and help countries build food systems that provide safe, nutritious foods that are accessible
to families year round.
Read on for stories from our partners to learn more about how we help communities take charge of nutrition for good health and well-being today and for years to come.
Feed the Future in Action
In Nepal, malnutrition is common among women and children. Bimala is a role model for good nutrition in her community in Nepal. Bimala uses what she's learned to teach other mothers about breastfeeding, hand-washing and good nutrition practices to build a future where their children grow up healthy and reach their full potential.
Read how a village elder in Mali is reducing malnutrition, especially among children.
This social entrepreneur is educating villages on the importance of clean water and nutritious diets.
The CEO of Insta Products is reminded every day of the importance of nutrition.
An entrepreneur works with dairy farmers across Ethiopia to improve access to and quality of milk.
Partner Stories
With modern techniques, this farmer is growing income, nutrition
and security. 
Feed the Future is aiming to reduce the burden of this invisible but pervasive food contaminant.
USAID harnesses the transformative power of clean water to
change lives.
OPIC provides financing to address health problems and boost
economic growth.
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Photo Credits: Cover Photo – [Dave Cooper for USAID]
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