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Making Memories - Antarctica Marathon

Wife. Mother. Marketing and Education Coordinator. These are just some of the titles held by Newsha Ansary. A new title to add to her CV is accomplished marathon runner.  And we're not talking about just any marathon. We're talking about a marathon in Antarctica.

Web sites like Legal Zoom, Total Legal, and others offer inexpensive, pre-formatted wills designed for people to simply plug in a few names, some items, and, presto chango, you have a will. Many people purchase these "cookie cutter" documents under the mistaken belief that this type of will is going to protect and properly disburse their assets to loved ones. Unfortunately, that often isn't the case.

Let m
e be clear - I fully appreciate the value of the services offered by Legal zoom and other pre-made document web sites. For many people, the prospect of creating a will, or an in-depth estate plan, is intimidating. These pre-made documents provide guidance and can assist someone who is starting from scratch with their estate plan and/or who does not have many assets but wants to be sure whatever they have goes to their loved ones.

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Alkaline Hydrolysis - The Future of "Green Funerals"?

In April 2016, Business Insider published an article titled, "Traditional Burials are Ruining the Planet." More information has surfaced showing the environmental toll that is taken when someone is buried in a traditional casket featuring steel, wood and embalming fluid.

Cremation became a popular alternative to traditional burials. In fact, cremation rates have increased to nearly 75 percent in some states, according to the Cremation Association of North America. For those people interested in being even more environmentally-conscious are considering a procedure known as "alkaline hydrolysis." Is it right for you? Can you even do it in the state you reside in? Find out below.

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Bobby Provides an Overview of What a Trust Is and How It Can Benefit You

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