"Why Am I Feeling This Way? "
In the last few weeks—maybe even months—I have noticed many of those around me going through heavy emotional moments triggered by a person they love and adore—some who has been part of their biological family or even soul family by agreement. These moments are real, and bring tears to some, and anger to others; dis-ease to still others. To pay attention and participate as a springboard for change brings two noticeable observations for me. First , there have been hurts, sadness, angers, and wounds deep within us and carried forward for decades or lifetimes. Sometimes we are not even aware that they are still there; yet they are resurfacing now.  Second , it seems that the cosmic energy, and electromagnetic information flooding into our heliosphere is awakening this shift to finally shed these old traumas. When asking the question, why, we must realize that it may be tied to our true purpose in the human experience; the truth of our existence—and the shift in consciousness happening around us—which we willingly gave permission for, when we ascended and took our first breath— and it is being finally being cleansed once and for all! Our planet earth cannot vibrate higher, unless we do our work, choosing the same. Those unseen attributes of frequency, vibration and quantum puzzles affect us whether we acknowledge them or not. Some of you may remember the Pluto-Saturn energy of January. We have more transits coming to affect both humanity as a whole, and that of course will affect each of us as well, because we are all part of “the whole.”

So, how do you survive these moments when your stuff comes to the surface? The first step is Awareness . Realize that it is all part of a healing process. Notice what you are feeling and if possible, notice what triggered your emotional response and feeling. The body never forgets, and our subconscious records everything, whether we are consciously aware of the event and wounding or not. Next, give pure intention to heal this once and for all. Third, ask yourself, how can I “rewrite” the story, my story. Can you see the gift? Often the biggest traitors and most difficult people in our lives, are the very ones who have entered our life for the purpose of growth and expansion. Our ultimate goal is to live in peace and joy. By that we are able to raise the vibration of the planet as we move forward in self-realization; we cannot spend all of our time looking at what was, what “should have been” and what reached its expiration date! It is time to let go of what no longer serves us! When we start to rewrite the past, we begin to heal ourselves. We awaken to new possibility. We awaken to forgiveness. We awaken to honoring ourselves—and loving ourselves and our divine essence. I began my healing journey in the 80’s. Every day, I have a new awareness about something or someone. I have rewritten my own story—and I encourage you to do the same. None of us get out of here unscathed. 

So, I offer several suggestions in addition to the three above:

  • Turn off the news.
  • Bring quiet and peace into your house. Put on some soothing music if you find it helps quiet your fears, restlessness and anxiety.
  • Journal—write about your dreams, your gratitudes and your worries—or wounds. Just let it flow, unfiltered. 
  • Disconnect from others who entangle you into their drama.
  • Pick a mantra to say out loud, pick something which supports your magnificence.
  • Get some exercise. Walking, heading to the gym or yoga are easy and popular. Join a class if you need accountability.
  • Spend time in nature; the energy of Gaia is benevolent and calming.
  • If you need to, invest in you! Pick a therapist if you’re having a hard time figuring things out. Sometimes, a third party without emotional involvement can spot things to help you heal those deep emotional wounds.

Remember, the wise words of Oprah, “No experience is ever wasted. Everything has meaning.” Healing always happens in the heart and Love is the glue of the Universe. It is time to shine your Light, and carry it with you always! It’s always about Love that surrounds us everywhere—we must learn to recognize and embrace the past—which can become out greatest teacher—in spite of how it looks in the moment. It is the freedom we seek and it rests upon us to get there. No one else can do it for us. Sending all my dear readers, the love you seek on your individual journeys.

In gratitude and Love,


"Inspired Wellness
from Within"
~Cathrine Silver, HC, AADP

What Does this mean? Decoding 101
Decoding messages from us to us is something that is coming to light and seeing its way into the mainstream--slowly. There is a connection between our physical health challenges and our mind and spirit. We cannot ignore those other parts of ourselves. We are emotional spiritual multidimensional humans. And, these physical dis-eases indicate we are "out of balance," something is "off kilter." Dis-ease alerts us that there are deep unresolved emotional blocks holding emotional angst at some level. Are we the brave ones to step up to heal our lineage? What was the emotional trauma we experienced as a child? What was so terrible, we have simply blocked it out? The conscious mind likes to ignore and repress that shadow that lurks within. However, our smart body, our innate, and intuition part of the subconscious and cellular memory remembers everything. In 2020, we will continue to explore, just briefly the most common imbalances lying below the surface--a gift waiting to be seen and healed--for good! ❤️

In Short - - Migraine - MARTEL

A migraine often appears after having an annoyance. (What caused you to be annoyed?) A change in my pace of life, involving a difficulty in adjusting on my part, may also generate a migraine . (like a weekend migraine, for example.) It reveals my resistance related to my incapacity for carrying out what is asked of me. My head “overheats” and hurts at the mere idea of the goal to be reached, which seems inaccessible.

My head resembles a pressure cooker and the pressure is so hight that I don’t always know what solution or what attitude to adopt. The pressure may come from my desire to be hyper-responsible and or performing, especially at work. I can be passionate about a subject and find it difficult to stop myself. There is a conflict between my thoughts, my overloaded intellect and my personal needs and desires.

Thought for the Day: Inspirational Wisdom
“You are here not to shrink down to less,
but to blossom into more of who you really are."
- Oprah Winfrey
Kryon Oracle Deck

Speak Your Affirmations
"Speak your truth out loud and affirm things that you believe are within your potential. They become reality, and the more you affirm them to yourself, the more real they will become. Repeat your affirmations everyday."
Lee: I love it when Kryon "dares you." Kryon is a wise master when it comes to what Humans think & do. This is his way of saying, "I know you probably won't do this unless I dare you too."

Spirit knows the biases and shortcomings of all of us, and often uses these specifically to bring us to an enlightened place that we would not have gotten to otherwise.

When you receive this card, its like a loud voice reminding you of your strength and the ability to create your own reality in your life. Afirmations are the catalyst for change, since they push the envelope of energy around you and bend reality, defining it to match what you are affirming.

Kryon says, "Speak your truth out loud." This is so you will hear it and really believe it's true. Kryon says, "Do it every day!" This is so we won't forget the basic truth that we are magnificent! If you got this card . . . I dare you to speak your truth--out loud--right now!

🏵 🏵 🏵
Kryon is often described as a loving entity, who gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity. Just as with Archangel Michael, these messages are channelled through Humans. Currently, there are several divine Humans all over the planet who channel Kryon. However Lee Carroll is the original Kryon channel and has been delivering Kryon messages since 1989.

Interdimensional messages come in many different forms. This art by artist Deb DeLisi helps others to connect to their divine inner light. Deb's art activates the pineal gland through visual stimulation, opening access to other dimensions. She writes, "every painting reaches people by carrying sound, color and dimension.Color is special in that it is a channel for light and sound, which can bring healing on many levels.There is an energetic connection between art and the person viewing it. This channel of Light connects the frequencies of the art to each individual and aligns them with what they need at the moment. Healing, dreams, manifestation, third eye activation and Lemurian memories are some of the possible experiences you may have. Enjoy!"
"LEVEL - 3"

Moving into the seed sound of creation. A profound shift of awareness, and a third eye activation that enters the crown chakra and projects out through the third eye. Merkabah energy and Consciousness.

Recipe of the Month:
🍃 Savory Shepherd's Pie 🍃

🍃🍃 Bon Appetite!🍃

Savory Shepherd's Pie

YIELD:  8 serving
PREP TIME:  2 hours

It seems like just about now, we all need a bit of comfort food. Something warm and filling; something when it's chilly outside--or if we're feeling tired or exhausted. This is a simple dish. It is one that tastes even better the next day--and could be carried to work or school and reheated there. The history of Shepard's Pie or Cottage Pie, is one of Ireland’s most beloved dishes and why it’s so adored by "Irish and non-Irish alike." Shepherd’s Pie first came about late in the 1700s and early 1800s. Accordingly, housewives back then were on the frugal side and it was a way to use left-over's for another meal. It was also most likely made with lamb. This was my first try at Shepherd's Pie and I enjoyed the simple flavors and of course the yummy Yukon Gold mashed potatoes on the top! Perfect for a hungry family! You can make it once and eat it twice! IN my busy world-- how perfect!

What you will need:

  • 8 oz Baby Bella sliced mushrooms
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1-2 stalks organic celery
  • 1 carrot
  • 2-3 teaspoons butter
  • 1-2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon high quality salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 2 lbs. organic lean ground beef
  • 1-2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1-3 shakes (dash) nutmeg
  • 2 teaspoons Lee & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 small bag mixed frozen vegetables (you will be using 1 cup)
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 3 Tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups organic beef broth
  • 3 lbs. Yukon Gold potatoes
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup organic sour cream
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • black pepper


  • Spray casserole dish with cooking spray.
  • Next, If you didn't purchase the pre-sliced mushrooms, slice them, along with the onion, celery and carrot.
  • In an extra-large skillet over medium-high heat, melt butter and add sliced mushrooms. Season with salt and sauté until they are nicely brown and have released their juices. At this point, you may also add your frozen vegetables and thyme, and nutmeg to absorb the nice juice and flavor. Mix, stirring for a minute or so, and transfer this mixture into a bowl and set aside.

  • Now, pour your olive oil into your large skillet to heat, and then add your onions, celery and carrots. Sauté for 7-8 minutes, stirring frequently until the vegetables are soften and onions are translucent.

  • Add the lean ground beef to the vegetables, season with your salt and pepper. Sauté the beef, breaking it up with a wooden spoon, until it is browned and cook through. Return the mushroom mixture to the skillet.

  • Add the Worcestershire sauce, and the tomato paste. Stir and mix well. Reduce heat to medium, and sprinkle with the flour. Stir well to incorporate flour. Next, add the beef broth, stirring frequently, for about 2 minutes, until the broth begins to thicken and bubble. Pour into prepared casserole dish and set aside.

  • Set oven to 375º to preheat.

  • Fill large pot with water. Turn burner on high. Wash and scrub potatoes. Slice potatoes thinly and to prepared pot. Sprinkle in a bit of salt. Boil potatoes aprox. 15-18 minutes until they easily pierced with a folk. Drain the potatoes in a large colander and then return to your pot. (burner off) I use a potato masher and mash a few times, and then I add my butter, sour cream, salt & pepper. Continue to mash the potatoes until soft and creamy. Add a few tablespoons of milk if necessary.

  • Next, spoon the mashed potatoes over the meat mixture and spread evenly. (The dish can be made ahead and covered with plastic wrap, and placed into the refrigerator, until dinner.) If you are ready, slide the Shepard's Pie into the preheated oven, and bake until the potatoes are slightly browned and the mixture is bubbling! About 20-25 minutes.

Cathy's notes: I changed a few things from the original version. I prefer Baby Bella mushrooms, rather than the button ones. I think they give it a deeper more earthy flavor. I also wanted to make it a dish for two meals--and as noted above, make once eat twice. Additionally, I used a mixed vegetable packet, rather than buying corn and peas separately. Also, because the potatoes and corn are starches, I chose not to use the peas, but a mix that contained asapargus. The choice is yours. Either way, it was a very filling, satisfying and delicious.

🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃🍃🍃🍃💜🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃

Cooking should be creative and fun. These are the basics--you are the culinary artist. What will your masterpiece be tonight? Whatever you decide, enjoy the process. I have confidence that your results will be deliciously satisfying! And, remember, LOVE is always the "secret" ingredient . What will you serve your family tonight?


Everything we put into our body synthesizes into something whether it happens to be thoughts and words, our experiences and lifestyle or our food. 

In the course of our busy lives, few of us ever stop to think---what does this actually do for my well-being? How does Love affect our meals--and our nutritiom when it comes from the heart? Homemade is well made--well made is heartfelt intention. The journey begins with you!


Blog - Solitary Thoughts . . .

"Be the Leaf on the River . . ."

Sometimes we understand our life’s direction in a rational, logical, and “make sense” kind of way; college or University comes to mind upon our graduation from high school. Sometimes we don’t. Confusing as it can be, there seems to be an invisible energetic pull we feel occasionally, in a way that we don’t really understand. How can we know, (Click)
Every Truth passes through three stages before it is accepted.  In the first it is ridiculed, next it is opposed; in the third, it is regarded as self evident.

~Arthur Shopenauer (19th Century Philosopher)

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Biological Decoding Here Today
Conflicts and trauma are sometimes obvious and sometimes not and make their presence known to us as dis-ease and imbalance in our lives; manifesting in our body.  Weight issues or acne are obvious to most, but what are the traumas, loyalties and imbalances locked away in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or behind simple allergies and minor illnesses given labels or the diagnosis's we receive at the doctor's office? Do you want healing or just relief? 

The premise is easy. Disease and sicknesses are "nothing more" than emotional conflict(s) or trauma, --lessons to learn (that may be passed down from our ancestors) running in an "invisible" field of energy unknown or unrealized to us until it emerges as our brain's (the ultimate computer) solution for the disturbance deep within our psyche. More simply, the first law of Biological Decoding states: "Every pain or disease originates from a conflict. The conflict is an unexpected, highly acute, and isolating shock that occurs simultaneously in the PSYCHE, the BRAIN, and part of the BODY that corresponds to the type of conflict. Discovering the conflict aids the brain in sending messages to repair the body".

If we are human, we all have unresolved emotional conflicts. Heal them for yourselves--heal them for your kids and break the pattern. Biological Decoding goes hand-in-hand with our allopathic medicine today which addresses the mechanical aspects of our disease.

How can I help you today?

The Biology of Decoding is an amazing tool to assist in the discovery of the root cause of dis-ease.  This discovery and decoding opens the door to healing, deepens spiritual understanding of who we are and releases limiting beliefs and patterns.

"If the mind doth bend, disease can end."
~Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, MD

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Cathy Silver, HC, AADP
" Inspired Wellness from Within"

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 "Riding the Lighting Beam is one of the most authentic books I have ever read. Thank you, Cathy, for giving birth to this helpful guide to this human experience."

"Your powerful gift of storytelling, sets the stage for us to come and spend some time in "your world!" While we're there, we can't help but notice many familiar reflections of ourselves!. The insights that you share carry the energy of an "awakened one!" Your triumphs and failures, are our triumphs and failures! Can't wait for the next addition of your series!"

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