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Why do farmers use antibiotics_
Why do farmers do that? Real reasons for antibiotics
Consumer Reports has doubled down on its questionable research about the hazards of farm antibiotic use, flooding the media with accusations coincident with high profile government-sponsored efforts to convince the public the practice is dangerous. Amid all the hoopla, our popular "Why do farmers do that?" series returns, to put some much-needed perspective on the question of why farmers stick with this much-maligned practice. Why exactly do farmers use antibiotics?  
The future of ag_ according to Johans
Agriculture's longterm challenge, according to Johanns
In Lexington to receive an award for his long-time service to agriculture, the former U.S. Senator, Secretary of Agriculture and Nebraska Governor paints a challenging picture of the task Nebraska's farmers are up against in the future. Listen to his cautionary tale.
Migrant labor equal slavery_
Are migrant farm workers really like Roman slaves?
"Is it a stretch," historian Dan-el Padilla Peralta asked a recent lecture at University of Nebraska, "to compare today's immigrants with Roman slaves?" The classical historian's comments continue a common theme in today's food movement: Contrasting the honorable labor of ''family farms'' with the exploited labor of ''factory farms." There's just one small problem. Nobody's ever really done the heavy academic lifting of actually studying the relationship between farm size and job quality for hired workers. This researcher did, and you may be surprised at the results.
Longterm holiday meats outlook
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Holiday-season meats update
Between disease outbreaks in the pork and poultry sectors last year and beef cattle supplies at their lowest in half a century, the meats complex is in turmoil. Here's a brief outlook for supplies of the important holiday meats for this season--and into next year.
A lifetime of Nebraska rodeo
A lifetime of Nebraska rodeo
From the 1957 Miss Rodeo Nebraska pageant to today, Aurora native Laura "Lolly" Cameron Klug has been involved in the national program highlighting the best of women in this rural sport. Klug will become the 10th person inducted into the Miss Rodeo America Hall of Fame Dec. 7 in Las Vegas. Read more about her story.
Horrible gingerbread fails

Ho, ho, horrible gingerbread house fails
What could be more fun than providing your customer families with the ingredients to participate in this wholesome seasonal tradition of assembling walls of cookies and icing? Apparently, a whole lot things, judging by this gallery of 25 horrifying attempts.
Kathy's commentary: Here to help you counter food misinformation KATHY'S COMMENTARY
Listen to this important perspective
While this issue's lead story on antibiotics is important, I'd like you take a few minutes to focus on the video excerpt from Nebraska's Mike Johanns, too. It clearly paints a picture of the important challenges we're all up against in feeding a growing world.  
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